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ISWA Publication Award

The ISWA Publication Award has been created with the intention of honoring the author(s) of a publication, article or book which is deemed to be exceptional in its contribution to the field of solid waste management. Each year, ISWA's panel of expert judges recognise the publication which they feel offers the most valuable contribution to the promotion of sustainable waste management. 




2015 saw strong competition for the ISWA Publication Award: There were 8 nominations for the ISWA Publication Award 2015 and the judges found great difficulty in determining an overall winner due to the top-class level of and wide variety of subject matter covered by these submissions. However, one clear winner emerged. The following publication was considered the most interesting and important in the field of waste management:


“Wasteaware’ benchmark indicators for integrated sustainable waste management in cities, plus User Manual”


Co-Authored by: Prof David C Wilson (Imperial College London); Dr Ljiljana Rodic (Wageningen University); Dr Costas Velis (University of Leeds); Dr Anne Scheinberg (Waste); Andy Whiteman (Wasteaware); Joachim Stretz and Barbara Ölz (both GIZ).   


This text, as the panel indicates, is very much in line with ISWA’s mission and goals in promoting sustainable waste management in developing countries. This publication contributes to one of the major issues in integrated solid waste management (ISWM) in developed and developing countries. This paper has the potential to assist many countries in the world developing sustainable ISWM strategies. 


The Prize was awarded at the ISWA World Congress 2015 in Antwerp, Belgium.


To view the commendations from the Panel, for the three top-ranked submissions for the ISWA Publication Award 2015, please click here.



ISWA Publication Award 2015
Presentation of the ISWA Publication Award 2015 to the winning co-authors at the Awards Ceremony during the ISWA World Congress in Antwerp, Belgium