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ISWA ISWA Global News Issue 26, December 2013
ISWA Global News
ISWA President David Newman

News from the President

Dear Friends, Colleagues and ISWA Members
With Past President Atilio Savino and Gary Crawford, Chair of the Working Group on Climate Change, I spent a couple of days in Warsaw late November for the COP 19 conference on Climate Change. I promised a report back, so here it is. read more

  Alfons Walde, Aufstieg der Schifahrer (ascent of the skiers)

Seasons Greetings from the General Secretariat

This picture by the Austrian painter and architect Alfons Walde (1891-1958) featuring the 'Ascent of the Skiers' in this beautiful alpine winter landscape... read more


New ISWA Website launched!

After a few months of development work we proudly present the new ISWA website!

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Video 'ISWA World Congress 2013' out now!

The official Video of the ISWA World Congress 2013 is out now! This version is partly in German, but it nevertheless gives you a good impression on THE Waste Management even of the year. read more

  Waste Management & Research

UNFCCC COP19: ISWA's side event on waste & climate

ISWA had a strong presence at this year’s COP event which took place in Warsaw from 11-22 November, organising two side events. read more


ISWA Project Grant: 'DESIGN4RECYCLING' wins German Lifestyle Award!

Supported by the ISWA Project Grant, the Working Group on Recycling and Waste Minimisation together with the Dutch National member NVRD set out a project... read more


Waste Management and Climate Change Forum in Incheon, Korea

On the 21th of November, some fifty experts from six different countries gathered in Incheon, Korea, to attend the Waste Management and Climate Change Forum.

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  ISWA Training Resource Pack

ISWA World Congress 2014: Call for Abstracts

The ISWA 2014 Solid Waste World Congress will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 8-11 September 2014 and will present the most recent and relevant studies relating to the waste management sector during its three full days programme. read more


Global Waste Management Outlook: Consultation begins

UNEP IETC and ISWA are happy to announce that the preparation of the “Global Waste Management Outlook (GWMO)” is underway.

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WM&R Editor's pick for the December issue

Each month the Editor in Chief of ISWA's journal WM&R will be hand selecting a leading paper from WM&R which is then made freely available. The chosen article for December is:

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  New ISWA Gold Members

ISWA welcomes 2 new Gold Members!

ISWA is happy to welcome and present two new Gold Members! read more


ISWA Cartoon

This Cartoon on the EU waste hierarchy (click to enlarge) has been designed by Ms Ana Penha from Lisbon, Portugal.

Ana sent it to us and asked if we would like to publish it on our newsletter.

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Profile: Alexei Atudorei (Romania)

Name and current position in ISWA
Dr. Alexei Atudorei, Member of the Board, Representative of the Regional Development Network Southeast Europe, Middle East and Mediterranean.

Best advice that you ever received?
Do not forget that a mistake give you the opportunity to learn for the future. Any mistakes close a door and open another door. We have to accept the fact that all our life we have to learn new things. read more

  ISWA 3 Months Trial Membership

ISWA 3 Months Free Trial Membership

The ISWA 3 Months Tiral Membership - the perfect opportunity to become familiar with our Association's work and activities. Sign up now!



  Image News 2

World: Global waste on pace to triple by 2100

The amount of garbage humans throw away is rising fast and won't peak this century without transformational changes in how we use and reuse materials, write former World Bank urban development specialist Dan Hoornweg and two colleagues. read more


World: Over 30 Nations meet to tackle hazardous waste trafficking

Some 100 representatives from national environmental authorities, customs, inter-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and the private sector from more than 30 countries met today in Bangkok, Thailand, to foster cooperation among three networks combating the illegal traffic in hazardous wastes. read more


World: Waste upcycling could go global in just four years

Upcycling technologies could be adopted for waste materials on a mass scale globally by 2018, with intense activity in this sector already being experienced in North America and Europe.

According to new research from Frost and Sullivan, certain government bodies are already leading the charge...

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Australia: Plastic not fantastic for Australian seas

Australian seas contain an invisible potential killer, put there by all of us, that is more deadly than any sharks, crocodiles, jellyfish or snakes.

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Australia: New funding for tackling waste management in Melbourne

Nearly $1.5 million is being invested by the Victorian Government to tackle planning restrictions on how close residents can live to new and existing waste management sites. read more


Europe: Ready meals - plant-based packaging breakthrough

A pilot production process has gone live to determine how commercially feasible it is to apply plant fibre-based packaging to wet food ready meals.

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UK: AD continues to drive organics recycling sector growth

Anaerobic digestion (AD) continues to drive growth in the UK organics recycling industry, according to the latest sector survey (ASORI), published by WRAP.

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UK: Labouring over the food waste dilemma

Labour has signalled its intention to introduce a landfill ban on food. But is it a credible, cost-effective and even practical policy? David Burrows reports.

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Upcoming ISWA Events

2nd Africa Sustainable Waste Management Conference

Angola, 22-24 Apr 2014


Germany, 5-9 May 2014

ISWA Beacon Conference on Recycling & Waste Minimisation

Denmark, 3-4 June 2014

ISWA Study Tour Waste-to-Energy

Austria, Czech Republic, 22-27 June 2014

ISWA World Congress 2014

Brazil, 8-11 Sept 2014

ISWA Study Tour Collection, Sorting & Recycling

Austria, 22-26 Sept 2014


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