Working Group on Climate Change and Waste Management

The Working Group on Climate Change and Waste Management (WGCCWM), recognising that Climate Change is one of the most important global environmental issues facing our planet, advocates that the waste sector has a very important role to play. The Waste Sector has the option to be a net GHG reducer and many actions on how to achieve this have already been identified by the WGs predecessor the Task Force on Climate Change. The WG continues on from where the Task Force stopped. The WG on Climate Change and Waste Management is focused inter alia on conveying the message that sustainable waste management and recycling should be included in future international agreements (including NAMAs; extension of current Kyoto project mechanisms; new market mechanisms; sector approaches; access to funding…).


WGCCWM Work Programme 2016 - 2018

Working Group Members

Full Members

Ms Susana Abreu, Portugal

Israel Acheampong, Ghana
Zoomlion Ghana Limited

M.Sc. Yahya Aliyev, Azerbaijan
"Tamiz Shahar" JSC

Mr Werner Annaert, Belgium

Ing Rui Dores, Portugal
Empresa Geral do Fomento S.A.

Mr Patrick Dorvil, Luxembourg
European Investment Bank

Dr. Enzo Favoino, Italy
Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza

Mr Rudy Galle, Belgium
Susatainable Reusable Carriers

Dr. Mihai Gabriel Ghinea, Romania
Teamnet Engineering

Mr Waldo Grobbelaar, South Africa
Landfill Consult Pty Ltd

Ms Andrea Laguna, Colombia

Mr David Lerpiniere, United Kingdom
Resource Futures

Mr Jean-Pierre Maugendre, France

Mr James Michelsen, United States
International Finance Corporation

Ms Valerie Montecalvo, United States
Bayshore Recycling Corp.

Ing. Jacobo Moreno Lampaya, Spain
Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales

Ms Ana Penha, Portugal
Valorsul, S.A.

Mr Pascal Renaud, Germany

Mr Lasse Ringius, United States
International Finance Corporation

Dr. Amiya Kumar Sahu, India
National Solid Waste Association of India

Mr Marios Skarvelakis, Greece

Ph.D. John H. Skinner, United States
John Skinner Environmental Consulting

Dr. Ella Stengler, Germany
Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants

Mr Rabiu Suleiman, Nigeria

Ms Jiao Tang, Austria
International Solid Waste Association

Mr Mik Van Gaever, Belgium
Fost Plus asbl

Corresponding Members

Mr Mohamed Alsamet, Yemen
Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology

Prof. Toyin Arowolo, Nigeria

Eur.Ing Ian Dudding, United Kingdom
London Borough of Camden

Prof. Marion Huber-Humer, Austria
Universität für Bodenkultur, Institut für Abfallwirtschaft

Dr.-Ing. Paul Johannes, Germany

Dr. Bharat Bhushan Nagar, India

Ms Isabelle Pace, France
Veolia Proprete

Ing, MBE Peter Simoës, Netherlands
AEB Amsterdam

Mr Hun Yang Soon, Malaysia

Ms Ijeoma Ukeche, Nigeria

Mr Frank Vandewal, Belgium
Fost Plus asbl

Mr Bo von Bahr, Sweden
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Working Group Meetings & Events

Upcoming Working Group Meetings & Events

Currently there are no Upcoming Working Group Meetings & Events

Previous Working Group Meetings & Events

8 Dec 2017, world wide web ISWA

Working Group Meeting Climate Change and Waste Management

13 Nov 2017 ISWA


23 Feb 2017, world wide web ISWA

Working Group Meeting Climate Change and Waste Management

4 Dec 2014, Vienna, Austria ISWA

STC Meeting

12 May 2014, Amman, Jordan ISWA

STC Meeting

19 Sep 2013 - 20 Sep 2013, Paris, France ISWA

ISWA/UNEP Workshop on GHG and SLCP Emission Quantification Methodologies

8 May 2012, Munich, Germany ISWA

ISWA Special Session - A Global Perspective on Current Developments in Solid Waste Management

19 Apr 2012 - 20 Apr 2012, Denmark ISWA

DAKOFA/ISWA Waste and Climate Beacon Conference

18 Apr 2012, Denmark ISWA

Working Group Meeting on Climate Change and Waste Management