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Request for Information (RFI) – for Technologies to Deal with Solid Wastes

Haifa Bay Municipal Association for Environmental Protection would like announce the following tender;

Herewith is a summary of determining dates regarding the Request for Information:





Date of publication of the Request for Information

July 12, 2017

Last date for sending clarification questions to the address:


- Clarification questions should indicate the specific section to which the question relates.
The Applicant must attach as part of his proposal, the Question and Answer document signed by him.

August 15, 2017

Registration for all those interested in participating

August 15, 2017

Date of publication of answers to clarification questions

Clarification responses will be sent to everyone that has registered (see section above)

August 27, 2017

Last date for submitting information either through Email or through the tender box.

August 31, 2017

By 13:00 in the Tenders Box of the Haifa Bay Municipal Association for Environmental Protection, at: 7 Yaakov Mushly St. Haifa

Note: The authorities that are part of the Association are interested in a BOT tender.

This RFI is for companies interested in participating in the BOT tender for the construction of this facility.



For more information: 7 Yaakov Mushly St., POB 25028, Haifa 31250, Israel,  Tel: 972-4-842-8201  Fax: 972-4-842-8197, email:   

Innovative Plastic Sorting and Reprocessing Solution, Copenhagen

Come and join an innovative tender for a new plastic sorting and reprocessing facility

To support the Danish government strategy for better use of resources “Denmark without Waste” , Clean Cluster and Copenhagen Municipality has initiated an innovative procurement process with funding from Markedsmodningsfonden and Region Zealand.  

The project aims to create a market for recycling of plastic waste from households and Industry. The tender is based on the recommendations from the Innovation Platform for Plastics, which Clean conducted in 2013 with participation from more than 100 Danish plastic companies and experts in the field.  

Your company is invited for an information meeting, Monday March 13th 2017, where you can meet potential partners. Through this tender, you will be able to create a new innovative state-of-the-art plant together with interesting partners in the field.


About the tender

The procurement aims to develop an innovative plastic sorting and reprocessing solution. Important requirements are improvement of the current Incineration solution. Plastic waste shall in the future be reused and recycled at a price, quality and in a quantity that is attractive to both companies who use reprocessed plastic in their production and contracting authorities delivering the plastic. 

CLEAN has gathered 16 contracting authorities consisting of waste companies, municipalities and The Capital Region of Denmark. The expected quantity of plastic waste is 18,054 tons per year. The total amount of plastic waste in Denmark is 88,000 tons and 33,000 tons come from the households.

What will your company get out of participating in the tender?

Create new and innovative reprocessing solutions on plastic from Danish households.

Be a part of the first national sorting and reprocessing plant for plastics in Denmark.

Participate in new and innovative consortia with a wide range of companies.

Become a first mover on a new market for innovative plastic reprocessing. 


Find link to more detailed documents and conditions about the tender: 


Information meeting: Monday March 13th 2017 from 9:00 – 13:00, Njalsgade 13, Copenhagen.

(see file below for invitation and more details)


Sign up here:  


Deadline for application for prequalification: Tuesday April 18th 2017.


If you have any questions about the tender, you are welcome to contact:

Anne Dorthe Fethers

Project Manager

+45 2625 1394


Niklas Pedersen

Project Assistant 

+45 6015 2006

Invitation - Meet the Buyer March the 14th