Guest Blog: Working Group on Energy Recovery in San Sebastian!

May 25, 2023 | Energy Recovery, ISWA news

Johnny Steun

Johnny Steun

Chair - Working Group on Energy Recovery

Finally, after several years planning and delays due to COVID, the working group for Energy Recovery were able to have our meeting at the new environmental complex of GHK in San Sebastian / Donostia. The plant has been operating since 2020, and there is a sorting plant, biogas plant and Waste to Energy plant at the premises.

We were 15 people meeting in person, and 10 people participating online. Our Dutch colleagues had to participate online, as their plane broke down on the way here, and there was not a good alternative travelling after that. We were 15 countries represented in the meeting.




The discussions revolved around technology development, exploring how Waste-to-Energy (WtE) and Energy-from-Waste (EfW) can exert a positive influence on the evolving energy landscape.

We delved into ways to enhance the interfaces between sorting plants and WtE facilities, as well as other pre-treatment and recycling measures preceding incineration. Additionally, we explored strategies for improving the recycling of residues such as ashes and CO2 post-incineration. These discussions proved to be enlightening and rewarding.

We also discussed the topics we would like to go deeper into at the 2023 ISWA World Congress in Oman, and on the next working group meeting in England in November/December. These topics encompassed new revisions of emission and technology directives, carbon management, the formulation of new business models to thrive in a NetZero future, taxonomy, and more.


We extend our gratitude to our gracious hosts, GHK, alongside Cesar Gimeno Sandig and Nagore Penalva Bengoa, for ensuring a flawless experience. The meeting venue was impeccable, and the site visit was highly informative. Thank you once again.

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