Introducing the Wood2Wood Project, an EU Project on Wood Value Chain Solutions

Jul 8, 2024 | EU Projects, ISWA news

ISWA is proud to announce the launch of Wood2Wood, a ground-breaking Horizon Europe project aimed at revolutionising how wood is used and reused in Europe, addressing the critical need for sustainable practices that can keep pace with the demands of our planet. ISWA is one of 25 partners within the consortium.

The new circularity project for wood seeks to revolutionise the wood industry by promoting innovation and collaboration to establish a sustainable circular economy. Through the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle, we aim to repurpose secondary wood materials, reduce waste, and shrink the environmental impact of construction and demolition as well as furniture industries. 

Led by the Institute of Communications and Computer Systems (ICCS), this Horizon Europe project kicked off with a gathering in Athens, Greece in February 2024, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability.  


About the W2W Project 

The project focuses on creating high-value products from secondary material sources through advanced separation, sorting, and upcycling technologies.  

Our comprehensive framework for multi-dimensional cascade valorisation of wood consists of four core components: 

✅ Advanced Separation and Sorting Technologies 

✅Upcycling Processes and Technologies  

✅Digital Tools for Improving Circular Flows of Secondary Materials  

✅Supportive Framework in Policy, Market, and Skills 


Our Collaboration Fuels Innovation  

The consortium, consisting of 25 partners from across Europe and one in Africa, met for the first time during the two-day kick-off event in Athens earlier this year in February, where all partners set in motion the basis for innovation, collaboration and success. 

Learn more about the Wood2Wood project over on the project website.

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