ISWA joins UNEP to celebrate International Day of Clean Air for blue skies

Sep 7, 2021 | ISWA blog, ISWA news

Did you know that 92% of our world is exposed to polluted air, causing an estimated 7 million premature deaths every year?

Air pollution is an environmental risk to human health and an avoidable cause of death and disease worldwide. Not just that, it has detrimental impacts on climate, biodiversity and ecosystems, and quality of life in general. Improving our air quality will bring health, development and environmental benefits. Environmental health is in fact, inextricably linked to human health. Learn more.

The International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies calls upon everyone from governments and corporations to civil society and individuals to take action to reduce air pollution and bring a transformative change in our lifestyles.

Read the Secretary-General of the United Nations’ message on what today commemorates for all of us.

Towards a pollution-free planet: background report

This report addresses what the pollution challenge is, explores what is already being done to address pollution, and proposes 50 focused and actionable interventions to address pollution in all its forms. It is a call-to-action towards a pollution-free planet. Read the full report here.

Clean Air & SDGs

Discover how Air pollution is taken into consideration within the Sustainable Development Goals. Read more here.

Learn everything about World Clean Air Day

Interested in even more about the observance of this day? Read everything you need to know here.

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