ISWA Welcomes Max Narinx

Jul 28, 2021 | ISWA blog, ISWA news, Uncategorized

Hi everyone! After being seconded to ISWA from NVRD – the Dutch national member – I’m happy to officially join the ISWA General Secretariat as a Technical Coordinator.

About five years ago I got introduced to the waste sector as an intern, while doing research on the circularity of the Dutch mattress sector for the Utrecht Sustainability Institute. The complexity of something I thought to be quite simple, and soporific inspired me to do a masters in Environmental Geography. Upon graduating I had the opportunity to work for the Dutch national member NVRD. I am grateful for the opportunity NVRD gave me to explore my international interest and ambitions at ISWA for a year because it led me towards where I am now: at the ISWA GS. At ISWA I have the opportunity to work together with you – the experts in the field – and positively influence issues I am passionate about, such as closing dumpsites, innovative EU projects and so much more.

Furthermore, I like to travel and explore new places. Hopefully, it won’t take too long before I can do so for ISWA too.

See you soon,

Max Narinx

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