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Aug 18, 2023 | ISWA news, Member Testimonials

JONO joined ISWA at the beginning of 2023, as we see the importance of being part of an international association to help us grow in the industry. As a solution provider and equipment manufacturer of solid waste management, we are also a pioneer in the solid waste recovery and waste-to-energy solutions, and is driven by sustainable development.  

We saw that by being part of ISWA, we are able to extend our reach to the international market as well as reach our objectives in the industry. Prior to joining ISWA, we have been following ISWA’s activities for many years, ISWA’s mission “To Promote and Develop Sustainable and Professional Waste Management Worldwide and the transition to a circular economy” is in line with JONO’s goals. This was also the main reason for us to join ISWA. 


The ISWA team has been really helpful since we joined and has always been very supportive in our activities throughout the year. We also had the great opportunity to meet with Marc and Rae during the IE EXPO in Shanghai, where I had the pleasure to discuss long term collaborations and possible activity plans in the future. 


They have been super helpful with sharing the knowledge of the industry as well as connecting us with the right people to help us achieve our goals. The international sales team of JONO has also benefited from joining the Working Groups and participating in its meetings, as they have also built new connections in the industry. 


We are empathetic to our customers’ needs and hope that by working with ISWA we are able to create better solutions that would benefit both the industry and the environment. We’re looking forward to join the ISWA world congress held in Oman this October, to connect with the key industry players as well as to learn from the ISWA network.  


We hope to see you there and looking forward to a long term collaboration with ISWA! 

YAN ZHENG, Vice General Manager of JONO


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