Rotterdam is the second largest city of The Netherlands with over 620.000 inhabitants. The Department of Urban Management works hard with its 3.000 colleagues to keep the city clean, safe and in great shape. Efficiency, sustainability and innovation are key in the daily work of our professionals. We always look for the right solutions together with the inhabitants, companies and visitors of our city.

The City of Rotterdam aims to be a leader in the circular economy. To achieve that goal we focus on further improving our recycling rates, promoting the use of recycled materials instead of virgin, reviewing and improving the city’s own processes and use of materials, experimenting with circular procurement and promoting and stimulating new and existing companies already operating in the circular economy. 

About 220.000 tons of waste are collected each year using state-of-the-art techniques like fill level technology for dynamic routes. We transport all collected waste to the appropriate sorting and recycling facilities. High rise buildings make up little over 75% of the housing in Rotterdam, so they form an important target group in our efforts to achieve our goals. In addition the department is also responsible for the street cleaning, winter maintenance and vehicle fleet.

For further information please contact:

Gemeente Rotterdam
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Daan van den Elzen (contact person ISWA)
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