Ecomondo is the leading event in Europe and the Mediterranean basin for the new models of circular economy, which owes its success to a weighted and rewarding balance between sales dimension and technical-scientific dimension, with considerable space dedicated to INNOVATION in the Green Economy sector.


  • CIRCULAR ECONOMY – Systems and technologies for the recovery of secondary raw materials (SRM)
  • Use of BIOBASED materials – Focus on textiles and fashion, WEEE, Packaging/building
  • Valorisation of the integrated waste cycle, both revamping of existing installations and construction of new plants
  • Circular economy projects for the reconversion of industries such as the chemicals industry, etc.
  • Innovative decarbonisation projects through circular economy processes
  • Material repair and reuse services at cycle closure
  • Protection of the territory and water resources, innovative solutions to mitigate hydrogeological instability, and sustainable management of water resources and green urban infrastructure.
  • Intermodality and integrated logistics
  • Low-carbon transport
  • Company digitisation solutions (Transition 4.0) applied to production processes and the public administration in agriculture
  • Start-ups and scale-ups for Italian innovation in strategic industrial sectors
  • Sustainable agriculture solutions, products and projects to improve agricultural companies’ competitiveness and their climate-environmental performance


25th International Trade Fair of Material and Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development:

26 – 29 October 2021 Rimini, Italy

With its wide offer Ecomondo covers the whole waste cycle from collection and transport, to treatment, disposal and recycling. Advanced technology and several solutions for the treatment of various kinds of waste (infectious medical waste, special and hazardous waste, paper and carton, ferrous and non ferrous metal salvage, plastics, batteries, oils, solvents, rubbers, etc.) make Ecomondo a comprehensive exhibition and the leading exhibition in Italy in the waste management sector.

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