The Experts for Leachate Treatment


WEHRLE is pioneer and technology leader for the treatment of special waste and complex wastewater. Founded in 1860, the company supports public and private companies in achieving their environmental goals and increasing their resource efficiency with a complete range of services, from process dimensioning, in-house large-part manufacturing and customer-specific plant engineering to proven services. With plants and services in over 45 countries on 5 continents, the 100% family-owned company in sixth generation stands for innovation, reliability, sustainability and trustful cooperation with regional and international partners in the growing environmental technology market.


With its technologies and plants, WEHRLE contributes a significant part to the Green Transformation. The family-owned company based in Southern Germany supports other companies in reducing their water footprint, the recovery of resources and the generation of sustainable energy through wastewater treatment and waste management technologies. Together with international sales partners, WEHRLE contributes to improving living conditions, particularly in developing and emerging countries, by treating landfill leachate. Concepts for the disposal and thermal utilization of a wide range of fuels enable decentralized energy generation strategies and implement current topics of the Paris Climate Agreement, such as sustainable energy management and the reduction of CO2 emissions. WEHRLE’s Research and Development department is working on several own research projects as well as on projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research or the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU), such as the “P-XTRACT” project (a process for the recovery of phosphorus from sewage sludge ash to produce ash fertilizer).

For operators of existing wastewater treatment plants, who wish to upgrade, extend or optimize their plant reliability, operation costs or performance, WEHRLE’s experts also find concepts that allow to use the existing equipment to the greatest possible extent, minimizing the investment costs.


Main topics:
• Leachate and industrial effluent treatment plants
• Large-scale thermal incineration plants for waste and substitute fuels
• Sewage sludge incineration
• Plant services and component construction

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WEHRLE Leachate Treatment Concepts – YouTube