Short Recap of the ISWA Study Tour Biowaste Collection and Recycling

Oct 24, 2019 | ISWA news

The 2019 Study Tour organised by CIC (the Italian Biogas and Composting Organisation) and in cooperation with the ISWA Working Group on Biological Treatment of Waste was completed successfully on the 4th of October 2019.

During the four-days journey through Italy (from Milan to Verona, heading versus Venice and back) participants could witness:

  • how food waste is successfully collected separately in metropolitan Cities and small communities, reaching large diversion and good quality
  • how modern waste composition analysis are performed by the Italian Biogas and Composting analysis so to monitor the quality of incoming biowaste into AD and Composting facilities
  • how composting and biogas works in transforming biowaste into quality compost and biogas (a renewable, CO2 neutral fuel)
  • the new trends in biogas production by visiting the 1st italian facility producing biomethane and stripping CO2 that is reaching food&drink grade quality and meeting with selected technology providers that realise facilities to clean biogas and/or to upgrade it into biomethane by diverting CO2 from being lost into the atmosphere.

The tour also allowed the participants to visit different Italian towns such as Milan, Lecco, Verona, Bassano and to explore the local cuisine and food culture.

A special thanks to all the partners, who helped in organising the tour – ECN, Ecomondo, ATIA-ISWA. Many thanks for the support of our sponsors -BTS, Novamont, Sartori-Ambiente Group, SIAD Group, SUMUS.

The program of the tour can be found here 

More information can be acquired from Marco Ricci – Jürgensen ([at] chair of the ISWA WG on BTW, Senior Expert at the Italian Composting and Biogas Association, Italy.

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