SWANA supports Women of Waste Task Force with second Global Survey launch

Dec 6, 2021 | Communication and Social Issues, ISWA blog, ISWA news, Women Of Waste

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), ISWA’s National Member for North America, is supporting the launch and dissemination of the second  ISWA Women of Waste (WOW!) Task Force Global Survey.

The first WOW! global online survey: completed in 2018, was a mapping exercise to get an idea of where women are working in the waste management hierarchy. The data, from women in 73 countries, showed 51.6% of respondents were working in waste prevention, reuse/repair/refurbishment, and recycling, reflecting the paradigm shift that is happening in the sector. Promotion of the survey results led to more visibility for women and sparked further interest from media, research, and international organisations.

In the meantime, WOW! discussed with many women about their personal work experiences in more detail, including ISWA members from Mexico, Uruguay, USA, Nigeria, Italy, India, Macedonia, South Africa, and Spain. There were many common aspirations but also serious concerns across all countries and backgrounds, so this second survey is an attempt to measure these on a global level.

Meri Beth Wojtaszek, Deputy Executive Director  at SWANA,  serves on the WOW!, Advisory Network and will be promoting the survey link in the US and Canada to the SWANA membership: “Research and advocacy is a core activity at SWANA,” says Wojtaszek, “We plan to promote the WOW! survey via our Social Media Channels in December and January, to reach as many of our more than 10.000 members as possible!”

This second survey aims to reach those women working in the more formalised sector globally asking them about their status, opportunities, and challenges, as well as any needs and wishes for support. The data will be analysed using statistical methods and used to advocate for and support women’s role in the waste sector as applicable.

“Access to training and safe working spaces have always been central to SWANA, both for individuals and management and it will be useful to learn if there are any gaps that need addressing.” adds Wojtaszek.

“We really appreciate the support of SWANA,” said Maria Tsakona, WOW! Task Force leader, “We need quality data, so we are hoping that many National Members will support the survey dissemination wide and fast across the globe!”

If you can also promote the WOW! Global Survey II, please contact Georgina Nitzsche at Women of Waste Task Force at wow@iswa.org.

(The WOW! Global Survey II will be launched December 9 and run until February 9th, with results to be announced on March 8, 2022.)

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