Women of Waste announces their upcoming Business Directory

Feb 3, 2021 | Uncategorized, Women Of Waste

Itwill be a new free online resource TOOL designed for aspiring and empowering women professionals and informal waste management workers around the world. The aim is to empower women and enhance their role within the circular economy.

 In response to gender specific needs apparent from our ISWA Paper 8170 Mapping the status of women in the global waste management sector,and from the 2nd and 3rd WOW! sessions during ISWA World Congresses in Kuala Lumpur and Bilbao WOW! proposes the project “Women of Waste Business Directory”.

 The purpose is to meet the need for increased visibility, access to knowledge, support and training tools that are tailored to women working already or looking to get involved in the waste management sector in order to support them and increase their capacity.

 In addition, the Directory is expected to serve as a database gathering and analyzing data about the women and their role in improving solid waste management (SWM) and therefore meeting an existing gap of information. Data collection and subsequent gender analysis can inform recommendations for a better synergic participation of all genders in the sector leading to overall improvements.

Stay tuned, further information to come soon !

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