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September 4

ISWA Study Tour: Decentralised Bio-Waste Recycling

This 4th international study tour and training course will lead you through multi-dimensional best practice nearly 35 years experience on decentralised organic waste recycling.

In B2B meetings and practice-orientated lectures we will cover the entire chain of a well-structured national and local biowaste recycling regime. This will cover:

  • The necessary legal and technical framework regulations , including quality standards certification schemes,
  • Best practice collection logistics and economics with the aim to achieve a high quantitative as well as qualitative capture rate for all bio-waste origins
  • Austrian success story of on-farm composting in cooperation with the communities, guaranteeing highest compost qualities and a high performance regional humus cycle
  • Techniques and quality management of open windrow composting of food and garden waste at scales between 1 000 and 100 000 tpa including aeration systems
  • Key learnings on the biology of composting, humus production, compost quality criteria as well as hygiene & odour management, documentation, monitoring & reporting
  • Results of long-term field trials on soil improvement with compost
  • A visit of one of the most innovative biogas plants for food and agricultural residues including bio-methane fuel production and CO2 recovery, digestate use and an in depth insight into the framework conditions for a successful biogas regime on national level

As a special highlight, we will visit the 8th International Practitioner Day on Composting, Europe’s biggest show of bio-mass and compost processing machines organised by the Compost and Biogas Association Austria.

The Early Bird Tickets registration is now open to the public, join us for this stuty tour!


September 4