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Issue 3

July 2010



News from the President


ISWA General Secretariat – Change of staff and organisational structure


ISWA Beacon Conferences 2010


ISWA Training, Advisory & Promotion Centre for Waste Management in Singapore


ISWA PROFILE: William King Townend


NEW EDITION: Panorama of Solid Waste Management in Brazil

News from around the Globe


ICELAND: Føroya Tele recycles old mobile phones


EUROPE: EPRO Best Recycled Product Competition 2010


OMAN: First oxo-biodegradable plastic bags launched


EUROPE: Protocol for the quantification of greenhouse gases emissions from waste management activities 2008


BMH FINLAND:To deliver a large-scale waste processing plant to Thailand


SINGAPORE AND SWEDEN: Institutes link research collaboration on environmental technologies


PAKISTAN: Waste tea leaves could brew up biofuel

Coming Events


ISWA 2010 Congress - Hamburg, Germany


Overview ISWA Meetings 2010


Calendar of Upcoming Conferences

The ISWA General Secretariat is proudly hosted

by the City of Vienna, Austria

If you have any interesting news or events from your country, it would be appreciated if you could please forward details by email to While it may not be possible to include every story, all submissions will be gratefully received.

1. News from the President

Dear Friends, Colleagues and ISWA Members,

On 2 July I had the great pleasure to be present at the Official Opening Ceremony of our new Headquarters in Vienna. Despite extreme heat and the FIFA World Cup, 60 guests from 11 countries followed our invitation and experienced a very entertaining and atmospheric event perfectly organised by our new staff at the General Secretariat. For the report and pictures, visit the ISWA website.

As you already know, we don’t just have new premises for our headquarters, but also new personnel: There was an extensive change of staff at our General Secretariat. Below, you can find more information regarding the new team and the new organisational structure.

The series of Beacon Conferences organised by ISWA proved to be a great success. The three “Beacons” in the first half of the year: The Beacon Conference on Biological Treatment of Waste in Perugia, Italy, in April; the first Beacon Conference on Waste Prevention & Recycling in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, in May; and the Beacon Conference on Sustainable Sanitary Landfills in Buenos Aires in June are a perfect example of this success.

We received a lot of positive feedback from speakers and participants for both, the programs and for the organisation of the events. Click here for more information about the Beacon Conferences 2010.

I wish you all a nice summer.

Best regards,

Atilio Savino
ISWA President

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2. ISWA General Secretariat – Change of staff and organisational structure

The new team at the ISWA General Secretariat, from left to right: Gerfried Habenicht, Rachael Williams, Hermann Koller, Julia Schönherr and Alfred Holzschuster.

Based on the Board’s unanimous decision, the employment contract of ISWA’s former Managing Director, Greg Vogt, has been terminated by mutual agreement (effective 31 May 2010). Two other long-term staff members – Helena Bergman and Maie Knöbl – also left ISWA. Notwithstanding this, the future of the General Secretariat and its capacity to act is assured.

The new and competent team based in Vienna will be happy to assist you with any of your requests:

Mr. Hermann Koller
Acting Managing Director

Mr Koller has strong management skills and is an outstanding expert with long-time experience in waste management – both in the private and public sector. Mr. Koller also served as the Chair of the ISWA Working Group on Recycling and Waste Minimisation and as President of the Association Austrian Environment for several years.

Mr. Gerfried Habenicht
Communications Manager

Mr Habenicht has several years of experience working in waste management, both in the fields of PR / Communications and as a Legal Advisor.

Mr. Alfred Holzschuster Financial Administration and Member Support

Mr Holzschuster, another experienced waste management expert, joined the General Secretariat in July.

Ms. Rachael Williams
Technical Manager

Ms Williams, an environmental expert from New Zealand, will be joining the team in August.

Ms. Julia Schönherr Administrative and Project Assistant


With these staff changes, the Board also took this opportunity to reorganise the General Secretariat. With a revised, well-considered slim structure and clear responsibilities, an efficient administration, best possible member support and expertise will be created.

All staff members are located in the new premises in Vienna.

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3. ISWA Beacon Conferences 2010

The series of Beacon Conferences organised by ISWA proved to be a great success. The three “Beacons” in the first half of the year are a perfect example of this success:

The third ISWA Beacon Conference on Biological Treatment of Waste
Perugia, Italy
15 – 16 April 2010

This Beacon Conference was organised by the Working Group on Biological Waste and the National Member for Italy, ATIA-ISWA ITALIA.

Despite being well into spring, the weather was unusually chilly. The excellent food and wine helped warm the hearts of over 100 mainly European delegates.

Delegates discussed the current state and future prospects of organic waste treatment.

The principal focus of the event was on how local authorities enact systems for organic waste collection and recovery, while a second focus looked at the current state of technologies available for the treatment of organic waste. Of particular interest was the debate surrounding anaerobic digestion.

Finally, a window was opened on the markets for composted products, certification programmes and quality controls.

After the Conference some delegates visited the Perugia composting and MBT facility.

The first ISWA Beacon Conference on Waste Prevention & Recycling
Leeuwarden, Netherlands
20 – 21 May 2010

This Conference has been initiated by the ISWA Working Group for Recycling and Waste Minimisation and is instrumental in disseminating recent knowledge and developments, especially in the areas of Waste Prevention, Sustainable Production and Consumption and Life Cycle Thinking.

During the two very intense and interesting conference days, 28 highly qualified speakers delivered a well-balanced mix of academic and practical sessions to more than 70 delegates from all over the world.

In particular, the outstanding level of a panel discussion on the second day concerning the topics of material efficiency, material scarcity, waste prevention and climate change was highly impressive. The exchange of arguments and thoughts between the members of the panel – four highly qualified experts from the Netherlands, Italy and France with very different professional and academic backgrounds – and the other participants of the conference opened many new points of view to some important aspects of modern waste management.

The ISWA Beacon Conference on Sustainable Sanitary Landfills
Buenos Aires, Argentina
31 May – 1 June 2010

Five hundred and twenty-three delegates from 13 countries attended the conference.

On behalf of the Organising Committee, we would like to emphasize the valuable contributions of all the speakers. The recommendations formulated and the experiences shared by them will mean and have meant a significant contribution to achieve a big step towards the improvement of waste management in the Latin American region.

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4. ISWA Training, Advisory & Promotion Centre for Waste Management in Singapore

On 28 June 2010 ISWA has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS) and the National Environment Agency (NEA) to establish and run a Training, Advisory & Promotion (TAP) Centre for waste management in Singapore.

The MOU was signed by Chairman of WMRAS Goh Swee Ooi, President of ISWA

Atilio Savino, and Chief Executive Officer of NEA Andrew Tan at the ISWA-WMRAS Technical Workshop 2010 held in Singapore.

Through this agreement ISWA, WMRAS and NEA demonstrate their commitment of promoting sustainable waste management and optimizing the value of waste as a resource in Singapore and the region. The TAP centre will organise and promote regional waste management training workshops, forums and tradeshow, as well as provide waste management advisory services on policies and master-planning considerations.

The TAP centre aims to serve ISWA’s members, stakeholders and collaborators in the Asia/Pacific region. The office will serve as the Asian hub for supporting ISWA member activities, facilitating ISWA programmes and promoting ISWA membership in the region, enabling ISWA to connect more effectively with the Asian waste community and assist in the development of sustainable waste management in the region.

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5. ISWA PROFILE: William King Townend

William King Townend

International Consultant (self-employed)

Home Country:

Basic Discipline Public Health; Operations Manager for Waste Disposal, Greater London Council; Deputy Director of Greater London Waste Regulation Authority; Founder of Waste Management Industry Training Board; Founder of ISWA Healthcare Waste Working Group.


Why did you decide to become part of ISWA?
I joined ISWA because I am an internationalist.

When did you commence your current position in ISWA?
I was nominated for my current position in 1996.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the waste industry today?
I believe that the problem lies in low and middle-income countries.

In your opinion, what are the industry's strengths and weaknesses?
The industry is to some extent still immature, needing to develop to meet the needs of coming generations.

Where do you see, if any, market opportunities for the waste industry?
There are still plenty of opportunities to develop recycling and reuse of resources.

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6. NEW EDITION: Panorama of Solid Waste Management in Brazil

ABRELPE, ISWA NM in Brazil, has launched on 26 May 2010 the new edition of its publication Panorama of Solid Waste Management in Brazil.

The publication contains major data of the waste management sector in Brazil, and brings updated information regarding MSW, CDW, HCW and Recycling.

Click here to download a Spanish or English version of the document.

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7. ICELAND: Føroya Tele recycles old mobile phones

The mobile phone company Føroya Tele of Faroe Islands has come to an agreement with Green Future Iceland regarding recycling of their customers mobile phones. The aim of the cooperation is to enhance ecological awareness and facilitate recycling and reutilisation of mobile phones. Additionally, Føroya Tele will be compliant with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive of the European Union on disposal of electronic equipment waste.

Green Future Iceland will be responsible for transport of old and broken mobile phones to certified recycling companies around the world. Mobile phones that can be reused will be fixed, refurbished and sold in developing countries. Mobile phones also contain various valuable materials that can and will be used for the production of other equipment.

For further information, please contact:
Bjartmar Alexandersson, CEO
Green Future Iceland

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8. EUROPE: EPRO Best Recycled Product Competition 2010

EPRO (European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations) calls for examples of products made from recycled plastics packaging in order to promote the cycle of plastics, as well as increase the request for recyclables. A growing number of European manufacturers already use recycled materials suitable for their product but more should do it as a contribution towards a greener economy.

As consumers recycle and long for acknowledgment of their effort, this competition provides both the industry and consumers with the opportunity to see the results of their good work.

Consumers look to the industry to demonstrate their work in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, and to understand the scope of their environmentally friendly actions. They want to be assured that their recycling habits really are worth the effort. Consumers across Europe want to continue their good habits and to broaden their "green" attitude and actions towards purchasing recycled products. Following such responses, EPRO is now calling for recycled products made in Europe.

Any European manufacturer may enter this competition. Eligible products will be evaluated based on some key criteria. A jury consisting of representatives from the plastics and plastics recycling industry will assess the entries and proclaim a winner at the Identiplast 2010 in London.

For more information, visit

Entries close September 15, 2010

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9. OMAN: First oxo-biodegradable plastic bags launched

For the occasion of World Environment Day, celebrated recently, Oman Plastic Industries began the manufacture of Oxo-Biodegradable plastic bags for the first time in Oman.

Middle East business information company Zawya reports that Oman Plastic Industries is officially certified by the Directorate-General of Specifications and Measurements of Oman to manufacture the oxo-biodegradable plastic carry bags, after completing the necessary test run with the co-ordination of the local distributors of the d2w additive in Oman.

For the full story, visit Zawya

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10. EUROPE: Protocol for the quantification of greenhouse gases emissions from waste management activities 2008

The purpose of the quantification protocol, developed by Entreprises pour l'Environnement (EpE), is to provide guidelines for local authorities and companies whose activity is waste management to establish best practice for the implementation of the annual inventories of GHG emissions.

Entreprises pour l'Environnement is a coalition of forty leading companies operating in France united by a commitment to the environment and to sustainable development. Their members belong to various sectors: steel, aluminium, automobile, chemicals, cements, energy, industrial gas, infrastructure, glass sectors, but also bank, insurance, utilities, transportation and communication sectors.

The aim of this protocol is to homogenise calculation methods and to have a GHG global reporting protocol that can be applied to all of the waste management activities. The EpE protocol tool is exclusively dedicated to annual GHG reporting. It is not intended to be used to compare scenarios. An emissions QUANTIFICATION, REPORTING and VERIFICATION system is an essential core tool for any action or commitment on GhG emissions.

Copies of the document Protocol for the quantification of greenhouse gases emissions from waste management activities are available from EpE's website.

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11. BMH FINLAND: To deliver a large-scale waste processing plant to Thailand

BHM Technology, part of Hollming Group, will deliver a Tyrannosaurus-waste processing plant to one of the biggest industry corporations in Thailand. The waste processing plant will produce fuel out of waste materials. The value of the contract is approximately 15 million Euros. The processing plant will be taken into use next year.

For the full story, click here

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12. SINGAPORE AND SWEDEN: Institutes link research collaboration on environmental technologies

A Singapore research institute has announced a partnership with Sweden's Linkoping University to pursue research on environmental technologies. reports that the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), an institute under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), said in a statement it will be teaming up with Linkoping University on technologies such as remanufacturing, clean production technology processes and industrial symbiosis.

For the full story, visit

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13. PAKISTAN: Waste tea leaves could brew up biofuel

Waste tea leaves could be a cheap source of biofuel that does not compromise food security, according to Pakistani scientists. reports that researchers from the Nanoscience and Catalysis Division at Quaid-i-Azam University used a nanocatalyst, metal nanoparticles that accelerate reactions, to produce biodiesel from used tea leaves.

For the full story, visit

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14. ISWA 2010 Congress - Hamburg, Germany

ISWA 2010


From 15 - 18 November 2010, the City of Hamburg will host the ISWA World Congress 2010 on Urban Development and Sustainability.

The Congress is a unique opportunity to participate in an international forum where outstanding experts in the different fields of research and practice will present and discuss the different aspects of a sustainable development in an urbanised world.

In several parallel sessions, the participants will have the opportunity to hear about the latest developments not only in waste management, but in all aspects related to urban development.

Tours of different waste treatment plants located in or near Hamburg are scheduled for the fourth day of the Congress. Click here for more information.

Click here for the Conference Program
For more information visit,

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15. Overview ISWA Meetings 2010






17 Sept

17 Sept

ISWA Board Meeting



17 Sept

17 Sept

ISWA STC meeting



18 Sept

18 Sept

ISWA Board Meeting



23 Sept

24 Sept

ISWA Working Group on Collection and Transport Technology meeting



14 Oct

15 Oct

ISWA Working Group on Energy Recovery meeting



14 Nov

14 Nov

ISWA General Assembly 2010



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16. Coming Events Calendar

ISWA Event- ISWA Events

ISWA Member Event- ISWA Member Events

September 2010

ISWA Member Event2 – 3 September 2010
Australasian Industrial Ecology Conference
Sydney, Australia

ISWA Member Event13 - 17 September 2010
Waste & Recycle Conference
Perth, Australia

ISWA Member Event20 - 21 September 2010
China Green City Summit
Chongqing, China

October 2010

ISWA Member Event13 – 15 October 2010
WasteMINZ Annual Congress

New Zealand

ISWA Member Event27 - 29 October 2010
Watch your 'Waste' Line Conference
Adelaide, Australia

November 2010

ISWA Event15 – 18 November 2010
ISWA 2010 Annual Congress

Hamburg, Germany

December 2010

ISWA Event4 - 9 December 2010
ARCPE/ISWA International Conference: Sustainable Solid Waste Management

October 2011

ISWA Event17 October 2011
ISWA 2011 Annual Congress
Daegu, Republic of Korea

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