11 Jul 2018

“UN should recognise that human rights and the environment are closely linked and in fact interdependent” – Interview with Mr John Knox

Mr. John Knox, the first UN Independent Expert on human rights and the environment appointed by the Human Rights Council in 2012, recently proposed that the UN should officially recognise that the right to a healthy and clean...

27 Jun 2018

SiSWA International Workshop on Municipal Waste Management Takes Place in Ljubljana

On 29-31 May, ISWA’s National Member in Slovenia, SiSWA, hosted a 3-day international workshop in the capital, Ljubljana, bringing together industry experts from across Europe and the Middle East to discuss waste management...

18 Jun 2018

Waste Management & Research’s Open Access Debut Aims to Facilitate Knowledge Sharing

WM&R has been publishing continuously for 36 years and is established as one of the pioneer journals in Solid Waste reporting. Now, WM&R and the ISWA Editorial Group is pleased to announce a momentous initiative to incorporate...

7 Jun 2018

ISWA Involved in a New E-Waste Project Under the Global E-Waste Statistics Partnership (GESP)

The electronics industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing manufacturing sectors in the world, becoming an integral drive for our modern lifestyle and playing a crucial role in the improvement of the quality of...

4 Jun 2018

New Partnership to Prevent Marine Pollution Signed on the World Environment Day

The Municipality of Santos, Brazil, through the Environment Secretariat (SEMAM), will sign a cooperation agreement with the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) during the World Environment Day (5th of June) to develop...

1 Jun 2018

ECOMONDO Green Technologies Expo 2018

Meet the ISWA Team at Ecomondo - Rimini Expo Centre, Italy

1 Jun 2018

Guest Blog: Philip Heylen Introduces ISWA’s Initiative for Mayors and Municipalities (copy 1)

Philip Heylen is the honorary vice-mayor of the city of Antwerp and a member of the city council. He was also the Chair of the 2015 ISWA World Congress in Antwerp.


Philip Heylen also serves as Chairman of the Board of...

29 May 2018

Spring ISWA Working Group Meetings 2018


Working Group on Communication and Social Issues


15 international guests, alongside several local participants got together for a three-day meeting between 2nd and 4th in Tel Aviv, Israel, kindly supported by Dan...

28 May 2018

ISWA Completes the Translation of the WHO Safe Management of Wastes from Health-care Activities Summary into Russian and French

After months of hard work, the ISWA Working Group on Healthcare Waste (WGHCW) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are pleased to announce the completed translations of the Blue Book Summary into both Russian and French.

25 May 2018

Events in Spring 2018: Twinning In Bosnia, Study Tour in Austria and Training in Italy

Connecting and Developing Waste Managers in the ISWA Network