27 Sep 2017

Press Release: Upstream solutions for ocean pollution

New report details the importance of capturing litter upstream before it becomes unmanageable ocean pollution.

27 Sep 2017

Press Release: The Future of Waste Management: Results of ISWA's Global Survey

Waste management will be transformed by new technologies.


ISWA's groundbreaking report presents the future of waste

15 Sep 2017

President's Blog: Floods are the new normal

Following the recent floods in North America and South Asia, Antonis Mavropoulos considers whether this is a one-off, or whether such extreme weather is here to stay.

25 Aug 2017

The new ISWA brochure is out!

ISWA is proud to announce its new brochure. It contains information on all the activities and projects that the association undertakes in its mission to promote best practices and research in the field of solid waste...

24 Aug 2017

President's Blog; ISWA’s global family and friends meet in Baltimore!

The upcoming ISWA – SWANA World Congress in Baltimore (September 25-28) will be one of the most fascinating events ISWA has ever made. It’s not only that our events bring solid waste sector professionals from around the globe...

23 Aug 2017

Read ISWA's August Newsletter Now!

The latest issue of ISWA's Global Newsletter for August 2017 is out now featuring some exciting programme news for the ISWA World Congress, the announcement of our various award winners and more.


Enjoy reading August's issue...

16 Aug 2017

ISWA Publication Award 2017: The Winners

The ISWA Publication Award has been created with the intention of honouring the author(s) of a publication, article or book which is deemed to be exceptional in its contribution to the field of solid waste management. Each year,...

15 Aug 2017

ISWA-SWIS Winter School 2018: Win a Scholarship

Once again ISWA has teamed up with The Solid Waste Institute for Sustainability (SWIS) at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), Texas and we are proud to announce the essay competition, giving people from all across the...

18 Jul 2017

Waste Management & Research: July's Free Article of the Month

We’re delighted to share the most recent Editor’s Choice article from the latest issue of Waste Management & Research (WM&R), as selected by Alberto Bezama (Associate Editor for the journal).

12 Jul 2017

ISWA Video Award 2017 – Results

This year, for the fifth time, ISWA conducted an online short-video competition: the “ISWA Video Award”.