ISWA Welcomes Reciclad’OR S.A.

Reciclad’OR S.A. joins ISWA as our newest Platinum Member

4 Sep 2020 -

On joining ISWA as a Platinum Member, Diana Citu - CEO of Reciclad’OR S.A. said:

"Considering Reciclad'OR's strategic goal of providing its clients and partners with a successful transition to the Circular Economy, ISWA affiliation came naturally. By accessing the global expertise held by ISWA and getting involved in the activities of the working groups in which experts with an immense professional reputation work, we believe that we will succeed in all our strategic efforts.

The professionals from the Reciclad’OR team will thus benefit from the resources and information available within ISWA, knowledge that we will share with our clients and partners, contributing to the widening of their perspectives in waste management and to the increase of the performance in packaging recycling.”


Reciclad’OR S.A. is an Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) organization that supports producers, importers, retailers, and local municipalities in fulfilling their legal obligations regarding the recycling of packaging waste.

Leader of the Romanian market, with an integrated portfolio of services specific to the packaging and packaging waste management, Reciclad’OR S.A. has contracts with over 700 companies and has developed hundreds of partnerships with local municipalities, professional organizations, NG0s, and other institutions. To find out more about the activity of Reciclad’OR S.A. click here.

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