ISWA Video Award 2020

The ISWA Video Award is an online short video competition. Whether documentary, fiction, animation or a combination thereof - the decision about the film genre as well as the technical realisation is left up to the contestant's imagination.


This years theme was "The Future of Waste" and we were not disappointed by the wonderful variation and creativity of this years entrants.

27 Oct 2020 -

1st Place: “End Game” by John Adrian Aceron


John is a 21 year old Civil Engineering student from the Philippines who came across ISWA Video Awards while doing some research on sustainability and thought he would try his luck. When asked about his inspired him, he said "I think for me it's about sending a message...because we are wasting everything ... the world is beautiful and we're not taking care of it and it's just sad to think that the future generations may not see it.


Click here for John's full video.


2nd Place:“Daily Habits, Zero Waste” by Selene Eridani Zaragoza Alvarez


Selene is from Mexico City and is currently getting her Masters in Environmental Engineering at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. She was inspired by her both her master thesis work, where she developed an education programme for indigenous communities for adopting better sustainable waste management practices, as well as her own childhood. She has watched the areas where she happily played as a child, be transformed by waste pollution. In the video itself she demonstrates this with the drawing of a little girl imagining a planet with more sustainable waste management.


Click here for Selene's full video.


3rd Place: “What a Waste” Marie Julliene Solidum


Marie is also from the Philippines, she is 24 years old and just graduated as an electrical engineer. Marie found us on Twitter, and having a personal passion for the environment, created a beautiful stop motion film, "It was a long process... it is still so surreal to me to have won third place, I still can't quite believe it!" She explained that she wanted to present the main problem facing hers and many other countries and that is trash piling up, and then give a solution. 

Click here for Marie's full video.



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