Successful ISWA Side Events at IFAT EURASIA 2019 - a Recap

Following its long-standing fruitful cooperation with IFAT Munich, ISWA participated for the first time in the Eurasian edition of the leading trade fair for environmental technologies.

8 Apr 2019 -

IFAT Eurasia opened its doors for the third time on March 28-30, 2019 at Istanbul Expo Center (IFM), Turkey. Following its long-standing fruitful cooperation with IFAT Munich, ISWA participated for the first time in the Eurasian edition of the leading trade fair for environmental technologies. The Association was represented by ISWA technical team comprising Technical Director, Aditi Ramola, and Technical Project Manager, Jennifer MacDonald, as well as Jose Uribe, ISWA Strategic Projects, who manages D-NOSES EU Project contributions from ISWA’s side. 


ISWA Technical Team is proud to report that IFAT Eurasia 2019 was a tremendous success. This unique event created an additional platform for ISWA members to meet and network with professionals in the Eurasian region.  Our very own experts participated in panel discussions, further solidifying ISWA’s position as the world’s leading network in solid waste management.


On day one, ISWA hit the ground running with a panel session on Marine Litter. Aditi Ramola, ISWA’s Technical Director, moderated together with Dipl. -Geol. Roland Knitschky, Policy Officer for Education and International Cooperation of the DWA (The German Association for Water, Wastewater, and Waste), at a DWA-ISWA co-organized panel event. The DWA invited Dr. Costas Velis, Chair of the Task Force on Marine Litter, to participate as a panelist where Dr. Velis stressed the importance of good solid waste management in preventing marine litter and provided further inputs on the important role ISWA has in preventing marine littering. There was a substantial turnout clearly showing that there was a great interest in hearing more about the solutions to the global emergency of plastic polluting marine environments.


Aditi Ramola stated that, “it was a diverse panel with experts hailing from ministries, municipalities, plastic industries, NGOs, and universities. The breadth and depth at which the topic of marine litter and plastics were covered was thorough, painting a clear picture of the interests and concerns of the stakeholders involved. It’s uncommon to have such a dialogue and platform where these diverse stakeholders can productively engage and exchange ideas.”


ISWA lent the platform to D-NOSES, the Distributed Network for Odour Sensing, Empowerment and Sustainability, aims to kickstart a much-needed collaborative journey to tackle the problem of odours at a global scale. The goal of D-NOSES presenting at IFAT Eurasia was to reach a wider audience of young environmental engineers and facility managers that routinely face odour complaints and issues. After the presentations, feedback from some of the facility managers present confirmed that the cost-efficiency of the method makes it an attractive proposition for industry. To read the complete report of the D-NOSES presentation at IFAT, visit the official project website.


Finally, on the concluding day, one further ISWA panel was hosted and organized in conjunction with the Turkish National Committee on Solid Waste (ISWA’s Turkish National Member) on sustainable waste treatment in Eurasia, covering both the status quo and prospects of the region. Professor Günay Kocasoy provided introductory remarks and moderated this session. ISWA member Ella Stengler of CEWEP participated as a panelist and spoke about the important role of waste to energy in sustainable waste treatment. The panels culminated into a final ISWA Young Professionals Group organized event attracting students from many prestigious Turkish universities including Bosphorus University (Bogaziçi University) and Istanbul Technical University (İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi). Andrea Winterstetter, Lead Local and Regional YP Networks and the former ISWA YPG Chair 2018, provided a background of the YPG and encouraged attending students to get involved.  At least 60 students and professionals were present and expressed keen interest on setting up a Regional YPG Group in Turkey.


We are proud to say that many YPG members, especially a large contingency of SWIS-ISWA Winter School alumni, came to support the ISWA technical program and further promote the ISWA network. Two of our very own Winter School Alumni both residing in Istanbul, Fatih Avci (Winter School 2018), and Muhammet Er (Winter School 2019), provided tremendous support to the visiting ISWA members, showing them the ropes of their hometown and settling into the country.  A special thanks to both Fatih and Muhammet for providing the ISWA General Secretariat with much support.

After such a positive experience with our ISWA Network in Turkey, and with the new relationships created during many fruitful discussions, we would like to thank the organizing team at IFAT Eurasia and hope to see many more ISWA Members at the next IFAT Eurasia event in 2021.



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