Rainy June for the ISWA Study Tour Waste to Energy 2018

Great International Team Pull Together!

31 Jul 2018 -

With the sad news that Franz Neubacher died in a tragic road accident just days before this event –  it was hard to imagine the Study Tour without him at the helm.


This was the 9th Waste to Energy Study Tour organised by Franz Neubacher, and it was his ambition to share the Austrian success story of integrated waste management globally, and to inspire and educate others in the benefits and creativity of applications for waste incineration with use of low pressure steam power.  He was a staunch advocate for the technology and equally passionate to avoid planning mistakes and corruption in implementation.


Thanks to Franz’s great colleagues at UVP, ISWA Austria, and sewaco in Brno, we could carry on with Franz’s design and the Study Tour was a success with 16 delegates from 11 countries joining. There were technical site visits to 10 different facilities across Austria and into Czechia, and the generous facility managers shared first hand insights into every aspect of plant management from processes, operation, and financing.


With incineration professionals from Norway, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary, those keen to explore the technology from South Africa, Oman and Israel and Uzbekistan together with international researchers and suppliers -  the questions and discussions were vigorous and lively.


All together an engaging and edifying week together – thank you to all the colleagues, partners and family of Franz Neubacher for your support for this event – ISWA will certainly continue the Waste to Energy Study Tours.


For technical background see the comprehensive publication here: White Book Waste-to-Energy in Austria“

Programme 2018 here

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