Avfall Norge Seeks Consultants for International Trainings

Requests for offers of waste management consultancy services in connection with an international aid project

16 Jul 2020 -

Through the Clean Oceans through Clean Communities (CLOCC) project, Avfall Norge, together with its partners, will contribute to reducing marine pollution from developing countries. For this work, Avfall Norge is looking for consultants and advisors who can assist in this work.

Avfall Norge needs more consultants who will act as course holders and advisors who will help provide training to local authorities in Indonesia and India in the field of waste management.

Several courses are planned to take place in the coming year, both digitally and physically, as soon as the situation related to Covid-19 permits. Due to Covid-19, the first course this fall will be conducted digitally over three days.
Avfall Norge hopes to be able to complete the course in Indonesia before Christmas if the situation permits, and then hold 5-10 courses per year. This course will have a duration of about one week, and in addition, follow-up and counselling will be required after the course.

For each course we want to put together a team of trainers, with a combination of hired consultants and other skilled professionals from the waste and recycling industry. If you have the opportunity to be one of our competent trainers, we hope you have the opportunity to join several courses.

For consultants who want to join, we now announce an invitation to tender, in accordance with NORAD’s procurement regulations. Both Norwegian and foreign consultants can submit tenders, and we aim to enter into several framework agreements that preferably cover the entire project period.

We are looking for people who have a deep understanding and knowledge of at least one of the topics below in developing waste management plans:

•    Communication strategies and awareness raising
•    Waste management planning and operation
•    Sorting / processing options and operations
•    Sustainable financing of waste management.
•    Waste Management Act (including local by-laws, regulations and enforcement)
•    Waste reduction strategies
•    Recycling and value chains, with a particular focus on plastic
•    Treatment options for organic waste treatment
•    Combustion technologies (including pyrolysis, co-processing, bio charcoal or other)
•    Treatment of hazardous waste
•    Landfill (and sanitation)
•    EPR schemes

For more information, please see the attached cover letter, tender document, and framework agreement. Please read all documents carefully and send in your queries according to the rules set forth in the tender document.  

In order to receive potential clarification responses please send an email with a brief expression of interest in the body of the email to Jennifer “Faa” MacDonald (jmacdonald(at) by August 3, 2020 (11:59 pm CEST). Should any questions arise, all clarifications/questions from suppliers should be submitted in written form to Ms. MacDonald by August 7, 2020 (11:59 pm CEST).  All compiled questions will be sent out to everyone who submits a brief expression of interest.

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