Call for Papers | Waste Management & Research: Construction and Demolition Waste - Special Issue

9 Jul 2019 -

Waste from the construction sector poses huge challenges for sustainable waste management. This is not only due to the vast quantity of waste – more than 70% of the mass of waste is from the construction sector – but also due to the long time building products remain in the anthropogenic stock before they become waste. Proper waste management must ensure to recover as much resources as possible while making sure to keep material cycles clean.


Based on policy goals to increase the recycling rate for construction & demolition (C & D) waste on the one hand and classification of building-components as hazardous waste upon demolition as a result of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) - regulations becoming more strict on the other hand the C & D waste requires more scientific attention. Therefore, we are pleased to invite you to submit your latest topical research to this special issue of WM&R. Please feel free to forward this invitation to colleagues who you know to deal with relevant topics in their research for them to contribute to this special issue of WM&R as well.


Among others following topics are relevant for this special issue:

  • Information on quantities and qualities of C & D waste
  • Processes and experiences for recycling of C & D waste
  • Measures to increase / improve C & D waste recycling 
  • Procedures and processes to ensure high quality of recycled C & D waste
  • Information on building components / pollutants causing problems for the recycling of C & D waste 
  • End-of-waste aspects


The deadline for submission is 1st October 2019.


Please consult our submission guidelines before submitting your manuscript via the WM&R online submission system. When submitting your work, please indicate that this is meant for ‘’Vol 38 Issue 4: Special Issue on Construction & Demolition Waste” in your cover letter.

Should you have any questions, please contact Editor-in-Chief Dr. Arne Ragossnig. (ragossnig[at]

We look forward to receiving your submissions!


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