#CloseDumpsites Initiative Gathers Momentum in Cape Verde

The Prime Minister of Republic of Cape Verde, Dr. José Ulisses Correia e Silva, has become the latest high-profile politician to declare support for ISWA’s initiative to close the world’s biggest dumpsites.

14 Jun 2017 -

The Prime Minister was joined on June 11th by the Portuguese Ambassador to Cape Verde, Dr. Eurico Monteiro and Dr Fernando Leite, Vice President of ISWA’s National Member in Portugal, APESB. More than just a declaration, this is a clear statement of intent from Cape Verde, signaling their desire to work with ISWA and APESB, to close dumpsites in the region. They made clear that they will give all the support necessary for the closing of dumpsites in the region.


Last month, Dr Fernando Leite made clear APESB’s resolve to work with ISWA on closing dumpsites and have established an “Emergency Programme for the Eradication of Waste Dumps in Portuguese Speaking Countries”. This action plan will map and target the largest and most dangerous dumpsites in the region, make proposals for the elimination of the environmental liabilities of dumpsites and it aims to transform the areas for the local communities in terms of health, jobs and general wellbeing.


Dr Leite said “Beyond the signatures, we are taking further action, developing a strategy to support the initiative. Firstly, we are establishing a workplan which incorporates the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (SPLP)… Once we have mapped the dumpsites, we will push the government to mark them as emergency and risk zones for priority intervention.” An approach very much connected to that outlined in ISWA’s Roadmap for Closing Waste Dumpsites.


Such high-profile signatories are testament to the gathering momentum of ISWA’s #CloseDumpsites campaign and we would like to congratulate APESB on their efforts. The success of our National Member in Portugal highlights the importance of ISWA’s cooperation with its National Representatives.


Over 2300 people have now signed ISWA's Declaration, if you are not one of those people - you can do so here! 

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