Closure of San Vicente Dumpsite, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Another success story in Latin America sees the closure of a dumpsite in San Vicente, Buenos Aires

8 Jun 2017 -

Last month Luis Lehmann, from the Argentine Ministry of Environment wrote a guest blog for ISWA on Argentina's Zero Open Dump Programme. 


We are delighted to share an update on their progress from our National Member in Argentina, ARS. To commemorate the World Environmental Day (5th June 2017), the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri together with the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal and the Executive Director of the Provincial Agency for Sustainable Development (OPDS) Ricardo Pagola, announced the closure of an open dump in San Vicente, Province of Buenos Aires. (pictured left)


This action is included under the MOU signed between ARS, National Member of ISWA in Argentina and the Ministry of Environment during the ISWA International Conference on Solid Waste Management that took place in Buenos Aires last April 27.


The open dump occupies an area of more tan 8 hectares and has been there for more tan 20 years.

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