Do We Need Landfills?

Agamuthu Pariatamby and James Law ask this important question in October's Edition of Waste Management & Research

1 Dec 2020 -

"Global solid waste generation is postulated to increase from 2.01 billion metric tonnes (Mt) in 2016 to 2.59 billion Mt tin 2030 and to a high 3.4 billion Mt in 2050 (Kaza et al., 2018). Almost 50% of this waste is food waste, especially in developing countries.
However, if one looks at the waste management options, only 8% of the total waste is disposed of into sanitary landfills (without gas collection), while 33% is still disposed of into dumpsites. Controlled landfill (LF) is only 4% and this is mostly in developed nations. Incineration (11%), recycling (14%) and biological treatment (5%) account for 30% of the total waste generated, which indicates that 70% of waste is still being landfilled in one way or other."


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