Download the Lastest WHO Report on Health Care Waste - "Overview of Technologies for the Treatment of Infectious and Sharp Waste from Health Care Facilities"

ISWA experts and many commercial partners, who serve as members of the ISWA Working Group on Healthcare Waste, provided substantial contributions to the report including commercial partners from: ATHISA Group, Ecodas, Matachana Group, METEKA GmbH, NEWSTER Group, and Tesalys.

3 Oct 2019 -

The purpose of this recently published overview, which is particularly focused on resource-limited settings of low and middle-income countries, is two-fold. The first is to provide criteria for selecting technologies to facilitate decision making for improved health care waste management in health care facilities. The second is to provide an overview of specific health care waste technologies for the treatment of solid infectious and sharp waste for health care facility administrators and planners, WASH and infection prevention control staff, national planners, donors and partners. For each technology, details on its operation, effects on the environment and health, requirements for installation, capacities for treating waste, examples of consumables and advantages and disadvantages are described.


This report is based on the WHO guidelines “Safe management of wastes from health care activities” (WHO 2014) and the UNEP “Compendium of Technologies for Treatment/Destruction of Health care Waste” (UNEP 2012a).


About the authors


The lead author of this document was Dr Ute Pieper. Ms Arabella Hayter, Dr Maggie Montgomery and Mr Bruce Gordon (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Health Unit, WHO HQ) provided technical inputs and review.


A number of professionals, including from WHO, UNICEF and the health care waste working group of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) reviewed and contributed to this document. The input of the ISWA working group was coordinated by Ms Jennifer MacDonald.


Download the report


The document (in PDF format) can be downloaded here.


La version française (au format PDF) peut être téléchargée ici.

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