Future ISWA Regional Chapter for the MENA Region Announced

On Monday 9th March, ISWA President Antonis Mavropoulos joined a press conference hosted by ISWA’s National Member in Oman, Be’ah, to announce their intention to create the first ISWA Regional Chapter for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

12 Mar 2020 -

To make a local and global impact through the environmental services and waste management sector, Be’ah, represented by the Environmental Center of Excellence (ECE), began work on this new network to serve as a hub for all ISWA members across the MENA region. It will be made up of professionals working to engage with the public and raise awareness about sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective waste management practices. It will also enable discussions of MENA waste management experiences, as well as build bridges towards understanding the environmental issues in the region, and the future impact that these issues impose on future generations.

“ISWA has seen substantial growth in this region over recent years with new National Members joining from Oman, Lebanon, UAE and Jordan since 2018. This highlights a strong intent from the region to develop sustainable, safe integrated waste management infrastructure in line with ISWA’s mission and strategic objectives as we develop Regional Chapters worldwide.” Marc Tijhuis, ISWA Managing Director

We encourage all member countries in the MENA region to consider National Membership, and join this upcoming Regional Chapter, as it seeks to improve sustainable waste management technologies in accordance with recognized international standards, in addition to other aspects such as; education and training, research and development, alliances and collaborations, and knowledge exchange.

Part of Be’ah’s objectives is to be a pioneer in the waste management sector by establishing a well-developed infrastructure that includes engineered landfills, waste streams processing and recycling sites, and different waste diversion projects to minimize the waste received at landfills. Another important objective that Be’ah is currently trying to achieve is to create a hub or a benchmark in the waste management industry across the MENA Region.

As a first step towards achieving this goal, the company has established the Environmental Center of Excellence (ECE) which aims at positioning Be’ah at the forefront of the waste management sector. The ECE’s main goals include providing a diverse and robust research and development programs, presenting cost-effective and novel solutions to persisting solid waste problems, as well as creating an environment that encourages an innovative culture that helps Oman diversify its economy and create high-paying jobs. It also aims at building the capacity of the waste management sector in Oman and providing tailor-made training programs in collaboration with well-reputed institutes. The center is currently utilizing the expertise acquired within Be’ah and the ECE network to provide high quality consultancy services to industries and relevant government bodies, both regionally and globally.

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