Hosting Agreement Between ISWA, NVRD and City of Rotterdam signed

Today at the headquarters of the City of Rotterdam, the contract was signed to take the ISWA Headquarters to Rotterdam from the beginning of 2020.

21 Mar 2019 -

Present at the signing were ISWA Managing Director Arne Ragossnig, NVRD Director Olaf Prinsen, and David Berg Director Urban Management at the City of Rotterdam.


The signing marks the beginning of a new chapter for ISWA, after ten successful years of growth in Vienna, Austria.


The City of Rotterdam is dynamic and forward-thinking: a centre for knowledge and innovation in the field of Circular Economy. The City recently launched “Rotterdam Circular”: an ambitious plan to become fully circular city by 2050, aiming to reduce primary resource use by 50% within the next ten years. The city shares ISWA’s mission of a world where waste is kept to a minimum and focus on resource efficiency through sustainable production and consumption. 

“By moving to Rotterdam, ISWA is closing a fruitful 10 years’ circle and opening an new exciting one. We are thankful to our Dutch colleagues and to the city of Rotterdam for this opportunity, and we are sure that ISWA will interact fruitfully with the global openness, the innovative spirit and the circular economy efforts that characterize the city.” said ISWA President, Antonis Mavropoulos

“Rotterdam, NVRD and ISWA share their ambitions for sustainable waste management. I look forward to continuing our intensive cooperation.” added David Berg from the City of Rotterdam.

The move to Rotterdam will be complete by the beginning of 2020, the year of ISWA’s 50th birthday. To celebrate, the City of Rotterdam is also hosting the 2020 ISWA World Congress, 28 – 30 September 2020. 


More about the City of Rotterdam:

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