Hubbub wins ISWA Communications Award 2017!

The judging panel had an excellent selection of waste management communication promotions to assess in 2017. Ten communication initiatives were put forward from 8 different countries and the judging panel found it difficult to determine an overall winner from those put forward. The first three were separated by only a few points.

11 Jul 2017 -

The jury found that overall the communications campaign "#1MoreShot" run by Hubbub from the UK was the best of the 10 nominations put forward for the ISWA Communications Award in 2017. 


The #1MoreShot Campaign brought together a wide range of stakeholders to create an innovative, sustainable and scalable solution to the issue of the recyclability of single-use coffee cups, which are currently not recyclable within general recycling streams. By working with a coalition of partners, including the UK's leading coffee retailers, Hubbub delivered an innovative public engagement campaign, raised the profile of coffee cup recycling, laid the foundation for further collaboration on this issue, and pulled 20,000 coffee cups from Manchester city centre into a new waste stream for recycling. The #1MoreShot campaign has evolved from its trial phase to become sustainable infrastructure in Manchester, and has provided valuable insights to a roll out in the City of London that aims to collect ½ million cups in one month.  (click on the image to the left to see how Hubbub raised awareness of the coffee cup recycling problem)


The jury deemed this campaign the best project because of its strengths on all fundamental elements that make communication and social marketing plans effective. The judging panel was particularly impressed by the quality of planning, in which a clear strategy with detailed and measurable goals was outlined.


Second and Third Places go to:


“En Antofagasta – cada cosa tiene su lugar!“, by Reclay Group, Germany made the second place, and the UK provided our third winner with Warwickshire County Council’s ambitious initiative “Grey to Green Food Waste Recycling”.


Congratulations to the winners and runners up!


The Judging Panel:


A big thank you for their efforts goes to the members of the judging panel:

  • Ms Azumi Nishikawa, UNEP
  • Ms Ulli Volk, representative for the Awarded Campaign of 2016 
  • Mr Carlos Silva Filho, Vice-President of ISWA 
  • Mr Lazlo Uhri, Member of the Working Group on Communications
  • Mr Gerfried Habenicht, Communication Coordinator of ISWA

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