In Memoriam | Han Den Dulk

On May 12th 2020 Han Den Dulk sadly passed away.

25 May 2020 -

Han Den Dulk served as ISWA President in the period 1988-1992. He was also an Honorary Member of ISWA’s National Member in the Netherlands, the NVRD.

ISWA offers its sincere condolences to Han’s family and all who knew him, as well as our heartfelt gratitude for all his years of service to ISWA.

Three of his successors as ISWA President, John Skinner (1992-1996), Hakan Rylander (1996-1998) and Nuggehalli Vasuki (2004-2006) have prepared statements offering their condolences.

John H. Skinner, PhD, ISWA President 1992-1996

I was saddened today to hear of the passing of Han Den Dulk ISWA President from 1988-1992.  I had the honor and pleasure of serving with Han as ISWA Vice President and succeeding him in the following term.  Han was an outstanding ambassador for ISWA throughout the world and had many friends and professional colleagues.  The ISWA President served a four year term at that time, and Han developed and presided over the ISWA Annual Congress in four counties: Copenhagen, Denmark in 1988, Geneva, Switzerland in 1989, Amsterdam the Netherlands in 1990, and Toronto, Canada in 1992.  I have many fond memories of working with my friend Han , he was a true gentleman who treated everyone with  friendship and respect.  My condolences to his family and many ISWA friends.

Håkan Rylander, MSc, ISWA President 1996-1998

Our dear friend and colleague, Han den Dulk, President of ISWA 1988-1992, has passed away. I had the great honour and pleasure to know him for 25 years and working together with him in the ISWA Board of Directors for almost 15 years. I met him for the first time at the annual conference of the British Institute of Wastes Management in Scarborough. I immediately appreciated and enjoyed his friendship, his professionalism and his large sense of humour. The last time I met him was at the ISWA World Congress in Amsterdam in 2007, he was very much the same person I had met for the first time 25 years earlier. We worked together in the ISWA Board from 1984-1996. During Han´s presidency the platform was laid of what has developed into ISWA of today, with the birth of working groups, of committees, the establishment of annual congresses, of a well functioning General Secretariat and with many more active members. Han chaired the meetings of the Board and of the General Assembly in a very professional, respectful and firm way and at the same time in a very kind, open and humorous atmosphere. It was a great honour and pleasure to work together with him. We are all very grateful to Han for his unselfish work, for what he did for the development of ISWA and for waste management worldwide. We all remember Han den Dulk in a bright memory! My condolences to his family.


N.C.Vasuki P.E. BCEE -ISWA President 2004 – 2006

Very sorry to learn that Mr. Han Den Dulk passed away On May 12 2020.
I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Toronto ISWA conference in 1992. ISWA was at cross roads at that time and financially unstable. President Han Den Dulk provided the necessary leadership to steer ISWA in the right direction.  The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) had just become the USA-CANADA National member under the leadership of Mr. Lanny Hickman. He worked with President Han Den Dulk in helping ISWA restructure its operations. He was an outstanding professional and a fine gentleman.  As a member of the working group on Sanitary landfills, I had the opportunity to work with him. He used his good sense of humor to steer wayward meetings to achieve the goals. May his Soul Rest in Peace. Please convey my heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

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