ISWA and ISWA Austria Arrange a Cleanup Event Ahead of the World Cleanup Day

On the occasion of a special ISWA Board Meeting on the 7th of September in Vienna, a group of ISWA Board Members, ISWA General Secretariat staff and ISWA Austria came together for a joint cleanup event to support the upcoming World Cleanup Day on the 15th of September.

14 Sep 2018 -

The World Cleanup Day is a global civic movement organised by Let’s Do It! World foundation, which unites people in over 150 countries during a one-day cleanup action aimed at uniting the global commnity and raising awareness of illegal waste disposal practices. Started in Estonia in 2008 as a mass waste cleanup, which brought over 50,000 people together to clean up the entire country in just five hours, the event became an ongoing annual occurrence gradually spreading internationally through community building and waste mapping tools.


ISWA and Let's Do It World! signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2016 which recognises one another's shared values and principles and will create opportunities for mutual cooperation. Antonis Mavropoulos, President of ISWA, spoke at the Let's Do It! Clean World Conference in January 2017 and joined Let’s Do It during a meeting with the President of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid, in New York to discuss the preparations for the World Cleanup Day 2018 in and the work status for the mobile app.


The special ISWA event was organised last week near the Vienna Prater Amusement Park on the Kaiserwiese, part of the Prater park, near Vienna’s famous landmark, Giant Ferris Wheel. The team cleaned the strip of green inbetween walking paths using the tools kindly provided by MA 48 (Vienna’s municipal department responsible for waste management, street cleaning and vehicle fleet) and took a commemorative photo at the end of the event. A popular location for outdoor activities in the summer, much of the litter was unsurprisingly discarded food and single-use packaging and cutlery.


The success of waste management systems relies on people’s participation and willingness to separate waste and pay attention to waste disposal,’ commented ISWA Interim Managing Director, Arne Ragossnig. ‘Initiatives such as the World Cleanup Day are important because they bring people closer to seeing the tangible consequences of littering and convince them to dispose waste properly preventing it from being scattered in the parks, on the riverbanks or in forests, where people go to spend their free time and relax’.


It’s worth noting that Vienna has a long tradition of a springtime cleanup, Frühjahrsputz, organised by MA 48 with over 17,000 locals taking part every year. The action serves as part of awareness campaign increasing community participation and engagement in keeping Vienna one of the cleanest cities in the world. 


Pictured, from left to right: Martina Ableidinger, the recently elected President of ISWA Austria succeeding Rainer Kronberger and Head External Relations at MA48; Arne Ragossnig, ISWA Interim Managing Director; James Law, ISWA Organisation Member Representative and Chair of Working Group Landfill; Luis Marinheiro, ISWA Expert Landfill on Landfill and Interim Chair of Scientific and Technical Committee; Aneta Pawlik, ISWA Communication Officer; Derek Greedy, ISWA National Member Representative; Jose Uribe, ISWA IT and Strategic Projects Manager; Jennifer MacDonald,  ISWA Technical Project Manager, Georgina Nitzsche, ISWA International Partnerships and Events Officer; Peter Frybert, MA 48 (organiser of the Viennese springtime cleanup) ; and Aditi Ramola, ISWA Technical Director.


To join World Cleanup Day, visit the official website and search the upcoming events by country.



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