ISWA Announces New Interim Managing Director

The International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) has named Mr. Arne Ragossnig as new Interim Managing Director.

2 Jan 2018 -

In his position, Mr. Ragossnig (pictured left) will lead the ISWA team, implement and drive forward the new strategies and work programme of ISWA. “I am pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Ragossnig to the ISWA General Secretariat. With his technical experience in waste business and his thorough knowledge of ISWA’s activities, he is well-positioned to drive ISWA forward at this ambitious stage”, said Antonis Mavropoulos, ISWA President.


Arne Ragossnig has been engaged in the waste management sector for 25 years, including in academic, private and public sector positions. He has also been an associate editor of ISWA’s Academic Journal, Waste Management & Research since 2004. 


He has worked extensively in academia, leading courses on energy and environmental management and sustainable energy systems. Alongside his academic experiences, Mr. Ragossnig leads an international consulting company – EcoConsultants.


Mr. Ragossnig begins at ISWA from 1st January 2018 for an indefinite period. His experience internationally and within Austria will ensure that ISWA continues to make positive steps going forward and achieve its bright ambitions.


For further information, please contact:

Antonis Mavropoulos, President, amavrop(at)

Arne Ragossnig, Managing Director, aragossnig(at)

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