ISWA - CCAC City Exchanges: Sharing Knowledge and Best Practice

The Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (CCAC) is a voluntary global partnership of governments, intergovernmental organizations, businesses, scientific institutions and civil society committed to catalyzing concrete, substantial action to reduce SLCPs (including methane, black carbon and many hydrofluorocarbons). The Municipal Solid Waste Initiative, one of the eleven initiatives in the Coalition, supports cities and national governments to develop sustainable municipal solid waste management policies and practices that achieve key development priorities – such as improved public health, service provision and job creation – and lead to near-term climate benefits.

26 Jun 2019 -

It is known that cities are some of the most important partners in addressing methane and black carbon from landfills and other waste management activities. As a lead partner of the CCAC Waste Initiative, the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) in partnership with Mentor City of Vienna conducted a four-day City Exchange inviting city officials from Medellín, Colombia, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Tyre, Lebanon to visit Austria, to see and discuss the waste management practices in Vienna.


The purpose of the visit was to facilitate knowledge exchange amongst the participants to support the ongoing solid waste activities and identify crucial interventions for their respective cities. The site visits included a composting plant, operational landfill, a waste incineration plant, a second-hand re-use shop and visiting a waste collection and sorting facility with engaging discussions with experts on-site. A range of aspects in a sustainable waste management plan were discussed including technology, operations, legal, policy & financial components as well as public-private partnerships in setting up waste systems.


While the City of Vienna gave detailed presentations about their waste management systems, the participating cities also provided a detailed overview of their current waste management practices, highlighting challenges and what could be adopted from Vienna into their existing plans. Bringing together officials that share similar challenges in their respective cities led to open, frank and engaged discussions in turn fostering South-South city-to-city collaboration. All participants challenged their peers and received sincere advice on how to avoid pit-falls while designing their own waste systems.


Following this exchange, the City of Vienna visited the City of Tyre (pictures left) as part of fostering close collaboration between mentor and mentee city. The three-day visit included visiting an newly upgraded operational MBT plant in Tyre and a controlled open dump where a large part of their waste is being disposed. The City of Tyre is eager to work with Vienna and ISWA on a roadmap to close more than 900 open dumps that exist in Lebanon.


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