ISWA Communication Award Winners 2020

Every year ISWA recognises excellent Waste Communication Campaigns that increase public awareness and promote sustainable waste and resource management. We received some fantastic and incredibly creative submissions this year and are very proud to announce our winners. Congratulations!

24 Sep 2020 -


1st Place: HSY Waste Escape Room

By Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY

"We at HSY produce municipal water and waste management services to more than a million residents in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Together we will create the most sustainable urban region in the World.

The starting point of our campaign is to stand out and provide an adventure - in order to make waste sorting more attractive and to encourage residents to adopt new waste sorting skills. Based on a survey commissioned by HSY, young 18-30 -year-olds sort waste less than older age groups.

We aimed at creating a new and exciting way to learn about recycling. HSY’s strategic goal is to recycle 60 per cent of domestic waste in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area by 2025; this means that there is a need for getting the residents motivated through innovative ways.

As a part of our Thank you for sorting your waste campaign, we created an HSY concept of a Waste Escape Room which uses the classic elements of an escape room. In the Waste Escape Room concept, waste sorting skills are the key to success.

Waste Escape Room has been introduced at a total of 8 events, reached 10 000 residents, aroused huge interest and was broadcasted live on national TV in 2019. The marketing channels included social media, a YouTuber, and events."


Click here to find out more about HSY.



2nd Place: #PREVENTCOVID19

By EGF Portugal (ISWA Gold Member)

"Faced with the need to protect their workers and the population against the repercussions of the COVID-19's pandemic, EGF launched a digital campaign, in the beginning of March 2020, to raise awareness and alert the population to stay at home with the aim of preventing and mitigating the spread of the coronavirus.

This campaign calls on the population to stay at home to avoid contagion and, in this way, to respect employees who deal with the management of our daily waste, both in terms of collection and treatment, in various infrastructures throughout Portugal.

It also seeks to clarify any questions related to packaging disposal, protective measures and equipment, health and environmental guidelines and regulations, and any concerns associated with the company procedures; to raise awareness to professions that are of the most importance but don’t have enough visibility in the media (such as waste collector and sorting operators); and to promulgate knowledge to citizens linked to waste, sustainability and the environment.

The whole project is composed by a digital campaign, online educational platform (with a FAQ list, Portuguese Health Directorate and Portuguese Environmental Agency guidelines, straight forward press releases, educational material available for download and tv and press features) and social media awareness posts on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin."

Click here to find out more about EGF.



3rd Place: Trial Period

By Zero Waste Scotland

"Trial Period was a first-of-its-kind behaviour change campaign for Zero Waste Scotland to encourage the uptake of reusable period products (menstrual cups, cloth pads and period pants) specifically targeting the 25 – 35 year old demographic. The campaign was initiated to tackle the 427million single use period products that are disposed of every year in Scotland, ending up in landfill or being incorrectly flushed down the toilet, thus being a significant cause of marine litter.

The campaign included our traditional communications mix of media relations and digital comms, but also took the Zero Waste Scotland brand onto the streets of Scotland with our first outdoor advertising billboards and public engagement events in Asda supermarket stores. A free online product trial in partnership with social enterprise Hey Girls resulted in 2346 products being snapped up in the first week of the campaign. The initial trial was so popular that it sold out within 48 hours and extra samples were secured. The campaign proposition "have a #TrialPeriod - it might just work for you, it certainly works for the planet" was built upon the insights and evidence from a robust Scotland wide consumer behaviour study on reusable menstrual products."

The broad objectives of the campaign were:

  • Raise awareness and remind those already aware of reusable menstrual products and their advantages
  • Encourage females to seek out information and take up a free trial
  • Encourage existing users to be “Padvocates” - sharing their switch stories using the campaign hashtag #TrialPeriod

Click here to find out more about Zero Waste Scotland.

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