ISWA Completes the Translation of the WHO Safe Management of Wastes from Health-care Activities Summary into Russian and French

After months of hard work, the ISWA Working Group on Healthcare Waste (WGHCW) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are pleased to announce the completed translations of the Blue Book Summary into both Russian and French.

28 May 2018 -

The waste produced in the course of health-care activities, from contaminated needles to radioactive isotopes, carries a greater potential for causing infection and injury than any other type of waste, and inadequate or inappropriate management is likely to have serious public health consequences and deleterious effects on the environment.


The Safe Management of Wastes from Health-care Activities handbook published in 2014 is the result of extensive international consultation and collaboration. It provides comprehensive guidance on safe, efficient, and environmentally sound methods for the handling and disposal of health-care wastes in normal situations and emergencies. 


This 25-page summary highlights the key aspects of safe health-care waste management to guide policy-makers, practitioners, and facility managers to improve services in health-care facilities. The summary also considers relevant World Health Assembly resolutions, other UN documents, and emerging global and national developments on water, sanitation and hygiene and infection prevention and control. 


The WGHCW, Dr. Anne Woolridge, would like to extend her gratitude to all the WGHCW members and WHO staff who have contributed to the comprehensive WHO Handbook, summary, and translations.


Download the Russian version here.

Download the French version here.



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