ISWA EU Group kicks-off Brussels outreach with successful event on the Circular Economy 2.0

On 5 December 2019, the ISWA EU Group organised its first event in Brussels on the topic of “Towards a Circular Economy 2.0: Combining ambition with reality”.

23 Dec 2019 -

The event attracted over 50 participants not only from ISWA membership but also from the European Commission and the EU Member States, as well as representatives from industry and NGOs.


The objective of the event was to share ISWA’s local experience in the field with EU regulators, which are tasked with translating political ambitions into reality.  Participants first heard from ISWA EU Group Chair and event moderator Joachim Quoden on the ambitions of the ISWA EU Group as regards best-practise sharing at EU level, followed by a presentation of Hakan Rylander on the associations ongoing lighthouse projects on marine litter and closing dumpsites. 

Martin Brocklehurst, representative of ISWA’s British member CIWM, gave the political picture from ISWA’s more global point of view, whereas speakers from the European Commission and the upcoming Council Presidency of Croatia introduced forthcoming initiatives at EU level. The new Circular Economy Action Plan, expected in March 2020, will take a product policy approach, looking at products throughout their entire life cycles and promoting reduce and reuse of materials.

In parallel however, it is key to effectively implement the existing legislative framework: in the second session, participants heard again from the European Commission and from the European Environment Agency about the state of play of the implementation and current challenges. Lively discussions also followed the presentations by the City of Rotterdam, Optibag (presenting the experience of the City of Oslo) and CEWEP, which introduced the local realities and the opportunities and challenges for communities and industries towards a circular economy.

In the context of the forthcoming EU initiatives on circular economy and waste, as well as of the national implementation of existing legislation, ISWA’s expertise is a valuable asset, and a such ISWA is keen to continue the good discussions with EU policy makers and Brussels stakeholders and vice versa.

Thanks  to all speakers and participants for making our first event such a success! The presentations from this event are available on demand.

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