ISWA Headoffice Opened and ISWA World Congress Tickets go on Sale

On Monday 13th January ISWA’s new Head Office was officially opened by Mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb.

15 Jan 2020 -

As the Erasmus Bridge lit up in ISWA Green and the 23 floor KPN Headquarters displayed a welcome message for ISWA, our President Antonis Mavropoulos gave the opening words introducing ISWA and all we do.

The ISWA General Secretariat is now situated in the modern space of the CIC, within the historic Groot Handelsgebouw. Our Managing Director Marc Tijhuis spoke a few words about the history of ISWA and how, in many ways, it ran parallel to the history of our new historic building, having not just survived but evolved with the last half a century.

Mayor Aboutaleb told a heartfelt story which started in the ordinary homes of the Rotterdam people where his citizens struggled to recycle, moved through to his experiences of the impacts of improper waste disposal in parts of Colombia, as well as highlighting the health issues caused by the lack of waste infrastructure in Indonesia. Aboutaleb voiced his appreciation for our arrival in Rotterdam as we symbolize Rotterdam’s commitment to a circular economy, as well as challenging us to save the World! Aboutaleb concluded his speech with bang, by declaring both the ISWA offices as well as the official ticket launch for ISWA World Congress 2020 to be opened by striking the CIC gong.

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