ISWA Present at the Ecomondo Green Technologies Expo for the Fourth Time

The 22nd edition of Ecomondo the Green Technologies Expo once again provided a great networking and business opportunity for the companies, professionals, media and government representatives looking to learn more about the latest in the circular economy and the development of renewable energies.

22 Nov 2018 -

For the fourth year in a row ISWA and the official magazine of ISWA, Waste Management World, attended the event in Rimini, Italy, inviting participants to learn more about the Association and opening its booth space to meaningful interactions during scheduled sessions and Networking Aperitivi.


The Ecomondo and Key Energy 2018 expos closed at Rimini Expo Centre with a 4% increase in professional attendees, as well as a positive result with the numbers of international trade and industry members, who travelled to Rimini from 115 countries – they made up 10% of the total number of participants.


Read the official press release and closing report here.


Representatives of the ISWA membership networks met at the event to discuss further work opportunities. ISWA RDN SEMEM arrived with 28 representatives, who attended more than 300 meetings with exhibiting companies in total and participated in ten international conferences. Atia ISWA Italy coordinated the working table at the ISWA booth for the drafting of the End of Waste decree on mixed plastics, so called “plasmix”, following the approval in the European Commission of the End of Waste Directive. Carlos Silva Filho, Vice President of ISWA, invited Edson Tomaz, President of the Municipal Waste Authority of São Paulo, for a special meeting hosted at the booth and a commemorative photo. During the same week Mr Tomas accepted the invitation to join ISWA in Bilbao, Spain, at the ISWA World Congress 2019 and engage with the many other local authorities working towards better waste management.


ISWA booth programme also focused on highlighting two H2020 projects supported by ISWA -  Ecobulk and D-NOSES.


D-NOSES, Distributed Network for Odour Sensing, Empowerment and Sustainability, will reverse the way in which odour pollution is commonly tackled by applying a holistic approach to researching, building and suggesting an appropriate regulatory framework, which can act as a basis of the future odour pollution control efforts. During the event, the participants had an opportunity to learn more about odour assessment and olfactory testing at the 'Optimising Waste Management and Reducing Odour Pollution Through Citizen Science' presentation and training by Selena Sironi from Politecnico di Milano.


View photos from D-NOSES workshop at Ecomondo


Ecobulk is particularly close to the Ecomondo’s agenda – it’s a large-scale European initiative which will demonstrate that re-using, upgrading, refurbishing, and recycling composite products is possible, profitable, sustainable and appealing. During the presentations led by project partners from KEAS, ISWA, EXERGY, Moretti Compact, and Next Technology, the attendees had the opportunity to see the new promotional video explaining the project and hear more about the project updates. Two furniture prototypes produced by Moretti Compact were available throughout the week for those interested in how modular design looks and feels.


View the photos from Ecobulk's presentation at Ecomondo


ISWA would like to thank the Ecomondo organisers for their invitation and support, and looks forward to welcoming you at the next edition of the annual Ecomondo expo. So, save the date for next edition of Ecomondo happening 5 - 8 November 2019!


View the video highlights of the Ecomondo 2018 here. 



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