ISWA Proudly Welcomes Uganda and Jordan as National Members

Last week in Baltimore the ISWA General Assembly unanimously approved the applications of two new National Members, welcoming national associations from both Jordan and Uganda to ISWA. Including those new members ISWA now stands at 44 NMs, more than any other time in its history.

6 Oct 2017 -

Sam Taremwa from UMWAC - Uganda Waste Management & Administration Confederation thanked the National Members in person and was clearly honoured to join the ISWA family. UWMAC’s objective is to significantly contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment in Uganda, representing a broad number of stakeholders in the country. They primary address the challenge posed by improper waste handling through appropriate measures, while promoting sustainable development and a green economy. UMWAC represent only ISWA’s second National Member in the region, joining Nigeria. Interestingly, UMWAC was initially attracted by ISWA’s initiative to close the world’s biggest dumpsites.


Our second new National Member, Future Pioneers, from Jordan were not able to participate in this year’s conference due to some visa problems, however  they were nonetheless unanimously accepted by ISWA’s current National Members. Future Pioneers for Empowering Communities’ Members (FPEC) is a local Jordanian non-profit organization, that focus a lot on Solid Waste management, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), and socio-economic empowerment of women and youth. They already have a lot of projects on waste management, both about its technical aspects and its policy – governance interfaces.  


ISWA’s President commented that “It takes a hard work, but thanks to our Board’s continuous efforts we are delighted to see the two new national members form Uganda and Jordan. Both Africa and Middle East are key-areas for ISWA’s future growth, and I am sure that soon, we will announce more good news and specific initiatives for both areas!”


Welcome to the ISWA Family!

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