ISWA RDN SEMEM Participation at Ecomondo 2018

ISWA RDN SEMEM continued its collaboration with the Italian Exhibition Group for another edition of ECOMONDO. This year 28 representatives from Romania and Moldova participated in ECOMONDO 2018 in Rimini, Italy (see photo).

21 Nov 2018 -

During the three days the participants had more than 300 meetings with exhibiting companies and participated at ten international conferences (as are: Hazardous Waste Management: health and environment protection, legality and circular economy, Circular Economy: the 21st-Century Economic Paradigm to Redefine Growth and Development, Financing Green and Circular Economy Businesses: Opportunities under the EU LIFE Programme, Eco-design for the efficiency of the chain).


Mr. Alexei Atudorei, representative of ISWA RDN SEMEM on the ISWA Board, writes:

"This is the second year of direct cooperation of ISWA RDN SEMEM with IEG. Last year there were 15 participants and this year 28 participants (representatives of central and local administration, consultancy and design, construction and procurement, operation and monitoring of municipal solid waste management).

It is true that enabling technologies that are pushing the fourth Industrial revolution could promote the distribution of Circular Economy models and the development of sharing platforms for goods, services and energy efficiency.
But in order to successfully promote the transition from a linear to a circular economic model in the Eastern European countries, we will need ambitious policies, research and innovation and a clear legislative framework, able to give the right signals to investors.

On behalf of all the participants I want to express my gratitude to the organizers and especially to Mrs. Roberta Masini, Mrs. Laura Betti and Mrs. Ilaria Messoni for sponsoring and organizing the participation of our ISWA RDN members at ECOMONDO 2018." 



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