ISWA Vice President: An Audience with the Minister of Environment in Brazil

Brazil's Environment Ministry has formally recognised the importance of ISWA's initiatives on Marine Litter and Closing Dumpsites.

7 Aug 2018 -

Following the landmark closure of Estrutural Dumpsite in Brasília, the first successful case from the Roadmap for Closing Dumpsites, the Brazilian Ministry of Environment has recognised the significance of ISWA’s Roadmap for Closing Open Dumpsites and committed to distributing the Portuguese translation of the report’s Executive Summary prepared by ABRELPE, ISWA’s National Member in Brazil, to several municipalities in Brazil where open dumping is still common practice.


According to ABRELPE, there are still around 3,000 dumpsites in Brazil, which negatively affect the health of 76.5 million people. Minister of Environment for Brazil, Mr. Edson Duarte, has committed himself to working towards quick improvement of this situation and has requested support from his team at the National Secretary of Environmental Quality to work towards closing open dumpsites in Brazil. 


During a meeting with Carlos Silva Filho, ISWA Vice President, earlier this month, Mr Duarte also expressed his concerns to the increasing level of marine pollution and announced that Brazil is developing a national plan for coastal areas protection. On that matter he congratulated ISWA for the Marine Litter Task Force and asked to be part of this initiative, officially endorsing the project. 


“I am very pleased to learn about the political interest created by two of ISWA flagship projects in an important country like Brazil. We will keep working to promote sustainable waste management worldwide and look forward to spread our messages and projects to more countries in different regions”, commented Antonis Mavropoulos, ISWA President

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