ISWA Welcomes Four New National Members

Last year, ISWA’s General Assembly recognised four new organisations representing ISWA in Liberia, Mongolia, Mexico and United Arab Emirates. All four officially joined as National Members of ISWA as of January 2020.

9 Jan 2020 -

These new members see ISWA consolidate its membership outside of the traditional European base and reflects an ambition to be a truly global association working to promote and develop sustainable waste and resource management worldwide.

Marc Tijhuis, ISWA Managing Director added “I am delighted to see that the four new national members come from four different regions. South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia are all important areas for ISWA’s future growth, and I am sure that we will soon announce some exciting programmes and initiatives in these regions.”

ISWA is delighted to introduce you to the four new members:


Liberia: Liberian Solid Waste Management Association

LISWA is a newly established a non for profit organisation which serves as an umbrella association for all actors who are, in one way or another, involved in waste management activities in the Republic of Liberia.
The association was created by its members with the principal aim of advocating and promoting professional waste management practices in Liberia through the activities of its member companies, organisations and affiliates. For more information, contact James K Mulbah at liberiasolidwaste(at)

Mexico: DS Latinomericana

DS Latinoamerica was only founded in 2019. It currently consists of nine waste management members who operate in various areas of integrated solid waste management at the local level. DS seeks to strengthen integrated waste management activities in Mexico through capacity building, training, exchange of information and good practices among the various managers to create technical capacities, development of planning instruments and adequate infrastructure to improve integrated waste management and minimize the impact on the environment.

DS Latinoamerica are already involved in the Regional Development Network in Latin America and are actively supporting the establishment of the regional chapter in the area.
Mongolia: Mongolian National Recycling Association
Based in Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian National Recycling Association (MNRA) was established in 2005 and is working to develop Mongolia's waste management sector in line with Mongolia's green development policy, and overall global sustainable development trends. MNRA are working to develop recycling and waste technologies for the benefit of human health and the environment, by increasing the number of innovations and providing professional and methodological advice for citizens in public and private sectors.

In 2019, the association sent a delegation to the ISWA-SWIS Winter School in Arlington, Texas, to learn more about developing an integrated waste management system.

United Arab Emirates: The Environmental Centre for Arab Towns (ECAT)
ECAT, founded in the year 2005, is the environmental side of the Arab Town Organization (ATO). Hosted by Dubai Municipality, it operates in 22 countries under the umbrella of the Director General of Dubai Municipality as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and 11 representatives from ATO member cities.
ECAT is an NGO working to offer support, training, capacity building, consultancy and technical solutions to environmental issues that Arab cities are facing in the pursuit for sustainable development.

On joining ISWA: “as part of organizational strategy, ECAT believes in the importance of working together to preserve the natural and urban environments and protect them from pollution in the shadow of sustainable development.” For more information visit

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