Press Release: The Future of Waste Management: Results of ISWA's Global Survey

Waste management will be transformed by new technologies.


ISWA's groundbreaking report presents the future of waste

27 Sep 2017 -

Baltimore, United States – The findings of the world’s first global survey into the future of waste management have been presented today at the ISWA World Congress.


According the report 97% of the participants believe that the waste industry will be affected, in one or another way by technology and 50% of these believe that the impact will already be significant by 2030, what shows a major perception that changes are already on the way.


The survey heard over 1,000 of the industry’s leading CEOs, scientists, professionals and decision makers, many of whom came together to discuss the future of the industry and the impacts of the 4th industrial revolution at the ISWA World Congress in Baltimore this week.


The results show that there is also an opportunity in emerging and developing economies to develop waste management infrastructure which is fit for the future; and the investment opportunities here are also manifold. “The survey highlights the hope that the 4th Industrial Revolution will deliver solutions to several challenges related to waste management, from eco-design to waste prevention and circular economy around the world Said ISWA President Antonis Mavropoulos, considering the positives and potential of this broad change. 


ISWA's survey anticipates that the largest impacts will be on fully robotic waste sorting and recycling plants and digitalized consulting & engineering, amongst many others.


For more than 80% of the respondents the 4th Industrial Revolution will make circular economy a reality for most of consumer goods and for around 50% Mobile Apps, New Sensors, Social Media and Big Data will attract most of the investments during the coming years.


The 4th industrial revolution will impact upon all industries and waste management won't  escape this. It made clear that the industry must respond in an integrated and comprehensive manner, involving all stakeholders of the global polity. A failure to do so could be disastrous for large sections of the industry said ISWA Vice President Carlos Silva Filho.


The results of this unique report were launched at the 2017 ISWA World Congress in front of a record breaking audience and formed part of an engaging session, discussing the next steps. ISWA will continue to play a leading role in ensuring that the waste management industry keeps up with the inexorable pace of technology.


Download the full report here.




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The report featuring the most significant findings of ISWA’s survey can be found at


The results of the survey will be further discussed at academic conferences including Gstic, Brussels, where the key them will be “Industry 4.0 as a technological driver for Circular Economy”


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