Summary of the Third Edition of the International School on SWM Planning

The following summary was written by Dr Simonetta Tunesi, an environmental strategist, author, long-term ISWA member and Managing Director of Strategic Environmental Consulting, based in Bologna, Italy. She developed a solid waste management design method and tools for low and middle-income countries and launched a series of trainings targeting SWM decision makers.

16 Sep 2019 -

It is with pleasure that I inform you that the 3rd edition of the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL ON SWM PLANNING led to a deep and positive exchange of experiences regarding the effectiveness of SWM planning and the current situation of SWM in the Municipalities operating in the Distrito Federal, Brazil.


Held in Brasilia and hosted by ADASA the Regulatory Agency of the Distrito Federal, it saw the participation of over 25 experts from several Institutions and Agencies.


Participants’ efforts focused on building on the recent achievements [the remediation of the vast Estructural non-sanitary landfill and the beginning of the operation of a new sanitary landfill ] to design an Action Plan to activate the segregated collection of recyclable waste fractions and fully exploit the recycling facilities under construction. The role of the relationship between the public – which should maintain a strong presence in the waste recovery chain – and the private sector was also analysed to provide concrete indications for future actions and funding strategies, thank to the contribution provided by Samir Dendoune of SUEZ France.


This edition was thought and organised together with Kaoara Batista de Sá - Regulation and Grant Coordinator and Ana Sofia Cavalcanti Jucá – Senior tecnica Assistant; particular thanks go to Elen Dânia Silva dos Santos - Superintendent of Solid Waste, Gas and Energy and José Walter Vazquez Filho – ADASA Director for having believed in the School’s usefulness.


The site-visit to the remediated Estructural landfill become a relevant event thank to the dedication and expertise of Jelington Henrique de Azevedo and Felipe Leite Nisiyama.


Attached you can find the School’s programme.

The Offices and Agencies participating were:

  • SLU – Urban Cleaning Service of Federal District (Serviço de Limpeza Urbana do Distrito Federal)
  • SEMA – Environmental State Secretariat of Federal District (Secretaria do Estado de Meio Ambiente do Distrito Federal)
  • IBRAM – Brasília Environmental Institute (Instituto Brasília Ambiental)
  • SINESP - State Department of Works and Infrastructure of Federal District (Secretaria de Estado de Obras e Infraestrutura do Distrito Federal)
  • Ministry of Regional Development (Ministério do Desenvolvimento Regional).

The 4th edition of the International School on SWM Planning will take place from the 16th to 20th September in Accra, Ghana.



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