The Great Challenge of the Use of Plastic: a focus at Ecomondo 2019

Strategies and Solutions for Reducing the Impact on the Environment

15 Nov 2019 -

ISWA joined the 23rd edition of Ecomondo 6-9 November 2019, the great circular economy expo, along with Key Energy, with its focus renewable energy and energy efficiency. 1,300 companies were presented at the beautiful Rimini expo centre, enjoyed by thousands of foreign buyers and visitors from 130 countries.

The focus at Ecomondo this year was the use of plastics in the circular economy, looking at strategies and solutions for reducing the impact on the environment. The scientific programme followed the design of packaging sustainable to the opportunities for exploiting the mixed fraction and the latest news on freeing seas and oceans from marine litter.

ISWA supported the plastic debate in our thought-provoking booth programme together with our Italian National Member ATIA ISWA and Waste Management World, ISWA’s official magazine. Our theme this year focused on layers and separation: namely ways to separate materials, in coatings of packaging and in bulky items such as furniture, so that material can go back in to the value cycle multiple times.

We presented the EU research and development projects that ISWA is supporting: EcoBulk, Multicycle and a series of insightful presentations by D-Coat experts. You could take a private tour of the CP Helix, led by multicycle developers. Not sure what ‘CP Helixes’ are and you work in plastics?  - then make sure you drop by to find out!  Our annual ISWA Aperitivi, this year hosted by D-Coat, was a great way to network with peers working in similar ‘circular plastics’ projects.

Our National Member ATIA ISWA focused on plastics and Solid Waste Management this year too, with a series of daily presentations in English starting with a case-study expose by the Australian expert Eric Kennedy, on the treatment of waste fluorochemicals. Their Italian language programme took place in partnership with Fise-AssoAmbiente. We are also delighted that together with ISWA President Antonis Mavropoulos and Vice Chair of the ISWA Working Group on Health Care Waste Beatrice Giordani, ATIA ISWA presented in the well-attended main exhibition programme on:

End-of-waste of the mixed fraction of plastic packaging: new opportunities for the material enhancement of a important resource

End-of-waste della frazione mista degli imballaggi in plastica: nuove opportunità per la valorizzazione materica di una importante risorsa
Presentation details

Ecomondo is an ISWA Main Sponsor and Platinum Member
Ecomondo is the leading Euro-Mediterranean area green and circular economy expo. An international event with an innovative format that brings together all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform: from material and energy recovery to sustainable development. Click to see the video from 2018 here.
Italy is among the leading countries in Europe in the green and circular economy, particularly in energy efficiency, waste recycling and resource productivity. For this reason, Ecomondo is a reference point in the international panorama, where all the leading companies of the sector can meet and discover the trends, innovations and new technologies and exchange views with sector professionals.


As an ISWA member you can enjoy preferential exhibition rates as well as complementary visitors pass for two days. The next editions of Ecomondo and Key Energy will be held at Rimini Expo Centre from 3rd to 6th November 2020 – save the date!



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