Waste Management & Research’s Open Access Debut Aims to Facilitate Knowledge Sharing

WM&R has been publishing continuously for 36 years and is established as one of the pioneer journals in Solid Waste reporting. Now, WM&R and the ISWA Editorial Group is pleased to announce a momentous initiative to incorporate partial open access to the journal in the form of an Open Access Supplement, starting from January 2019.

18 Jun 2018 -

Routine human activities have a major impact on the environment through the consumption of natural materials and energy resources. The generation of solid waste is inevitable because all products have an end of life, and humans and animals create waste that have to be managed to maintain hygienic, healthy and tidy urban and open country environments.


A key objective of Waste Management & Research (WM&R) is to address these challenges through the dissemination of scientifically based reliable information with focus on waste prevention, waste recycling, recovery of energy from material residuals not suited for recycling or reuse, waste treatment, and waste disposal. WM&R has been promoting Sustainable Consumption and Zero Waste topics, as well as Circular Economy.


Providing high quality content to a wide audience is a key objective for WM&R, and the journal is adapting to provide even greater exposure. With this in mind, WM&R and the ISWA Editorial Group are very pleased to announce plans for its partial Open Access debut by publishing its first Open Access Supplement in January 2019.


Open Access aims to enable access to research for people with limited financial resources, like scholars, researchers and practitioners from the developing world. It also makes research papers more likely to influence policy decisions and create a positive social impact. Open Access also means that the value of publicly-funded research can be demonstrated to those who are paying for it (i.e. taxpayers).


For ISWA, the debut of the WM&R Open Access Supplement is the first step of its new strategy to increase its attractiveness and interaction with Universities and Research and Innovation Institutes. By the end of 2018, ISWA will announce further steps towards this direction. It is also a step that will help the further utilisation of WM&R by professionals and practitioners.


The Open Access Supplement is being managed by WM&R’s Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Agamuthu Pariatamby, and Associate Editor, Dr. Alberto Bezama, and will comprise of a selection of the very highest quality articles on the following globally relevant topics;


• Marine litter and microplastics pollution
• Circular economy and its implications on 3R
• Waste management challenges in developing countries
• China's ban on recyclables and its global effect.
• 4th Industrial revolution and its relevance to waste management
• Design for Sustainability and its impact in the circular economy
• Waste management approaches in the new "Smart Cities"
• Sustainability Innovations & Research and Development


This is a momentous initiative for Waste Management & Research, and demonstrates its continued efforts to disseminate top quality research to both academics and industry professionals.

For more information on WM&R’s upcoming Open Access Supplement, download the leaflet or contact the EIC,  Prof. Agamuthu Pariatamby (profagamuthu[at]



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