Welcome to the Team Cor Luykx

ISWA General Secretariat is happy to announce Cor Luykx as our new Policy Advisor.

3 Mar 2020 -

On secondment from our Dutch National Member NVRD, Cor Luykx, comes to us with over 30 years of experience in waste management across multiple regions in the Netherlands.


Hailing from Domelen, Mr Luykx studied Spatial Planning specializing in Landfill Location and Environmental Impact Assessmentat at Eindhoven University. From there, he has worked for regional environmental protection agencies in South Holland, as well as, municipalities, the City of Rotterdam and the City of Eindhoven, on projects ranging from restructuring of entire waste management organisations to advising on waste policy.


For the last five years, he's worked as an intermediary between the technical and the political, on the development of a business case for a separation installation in Eindhoven based on an innovative technology for separation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).


"So now I am at the last stage of my career facing an interesting challenge. I hope to translate my experience and network into something beneficial for ISWA and make a real impact" Cor Luykx


Mr Luykx is available via email: cluykx(at)

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